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That's what you missed on the weekend at the MWC 2019

Xiaomi Mi 9 goes to Europe

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<p>  Xiaomi has left his new Mi-9 flagship before boarding, but at a press conference yesterday at MWC, the company announced its availability Arriving in Europe on 28th February In this case, the Mi 9 in 64 GB or 128 GB is available 449 (about $ 510) and € 499 (approx. $ 566). For those prices, you can expect a 6.39-inch AMOLED display with FHD + (1080×2340) version, complete with drop notch and 19: 6 aspect ratio. Inside, there's a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor with 6GB of RAM and one 3.300 mAh battery the possibility to round off the data sheet. If you're hoping to catch one of the three reversing camera units in the US, we have bad news: There are no plans to get the Mi 9 into the United States. </p>
<p><h2> Huawei Folds (and Expensive) Mate X </h2>
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With the Galaxy Fold principle on everyone's lips, Huawei chose MWC to introduce his foldable phone, the Mate X. While it's not the first out of the gate, but the company has perhaps the most convincing folding handset so far. There, where the Galaxy fold is closed with the screen inside, the Mate X works outwards. It's also a bit slimmer than the fold and offers a bigger 4.500 mAh battery. Huawei has put three cameras and the on / off switch in a long narrow bar instead of integrating them into the display. Of course, this does not mean a notch, and the extra depth of the pole is a kind of grip. While Huawei's foldable model offers 5G connectivity, it's 2,299 euros more expensive than Samsung's version.

A foldable phone and 5G were not the only things that Huawei wanted to discuss in Barcelona. The company also had some laptop sharing news. At the top is the Matebook X Pro. In addition to a discrete graphics option, upgrades are expected for the processor (up to the 8th generation Intel Core i7), RAM (up to 16 GB) and memory (up to 1 TB SSD). Despite these changes, Huawei has kept the Matebook X Pro thin and lightweight, and it still has a MacBook-style design that starts at $ 1,599 (about $ 1,800). The company also discussed almost all screen-based Matebook 14. At $ 1,199, the list of specifications is solid, except for a pair of USB-A ports and a lonesome USB-C socket. After all, it's 2019.

Nokia Raises PureView

If you're looking for another Nokia PureView phone, you're in luck. After HMD Global acquired the mobile photography brand from Microsoft, it paved the way for a new model. The Nokia 9 PureView encompasses five cameras that work together for phone-based snapshots. Lead editor Chris Velazco tested the handset in New York before MWC. Despite some problems with the camera interface, there is a lot of potential here. The Nokia 9 PureView may now seem like an experiment, but it could also give a glimpse into the future of telephone photography. Heck, maybe sometimes more is more.

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