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The 10 best offers from March 14, 2019

The best deals of the day The best offers from the internet are updated daily.

At Kinja Deals we see a lot of offers around the web, but these were our ten favorites today.

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Thursday's Best Deals: Acer Gold Box, Under Armor, Patagonia, Dyson, and More

A pair of Klipsch speakers, pack cube, Lego BB-8, and Eye Gel lead the best Deals from Thursday.

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# 1 Pressure Washer

I have to say, I do not think that high-pressure cleaners ever crossed my mind, since Anker could be in the market, but here we are. Its specifications of 2100 PSI and 1.78 gallons per minute should more than be enough to clean your car or driveway, and the 35-inch power cable and the 26-inch hose mean you probably do not even have an extension cable need. [19659012] The typical listing price of $ 130- $ 160 is pretty solid considering these specifications, but at today's all-time low of $ 118, it's even more tempting. If you are not sure, your opinion will change five minutes after the print cartridges are printed.

# 2 thinkgeek

Nerds, Pi Day is yours and to celebrate, ThinkGeek takes over 31.4% off your purchase for just one day. Grab geeky t-shirts or a mug to show your loyalty, be it Lannister, Stark, Gryffindor or Avenger.

Make sure you use the code PIDAY19 to get the discount

# 3 perry ellis

A well-cut suit is something everyone should have in their closet, but it's hard to justify throwing a pile of money for something you're unlikely to carry. The entire biannual Perry Ellis Suit Sale. With a wide selection of styles, colors and cuts, this sale will make you look sharp without damaging the bench. The sale also includes accessories such as $ 45 dress shoes, $ 15 ties, 2-for-60 shirts, and more. So dapper!

# 4 refurb dyson v7

If you've bought a Dyson wireless vacuum cleaner, something strange happens to your brain chemistry: you're actually starting to vacuum. Or at least it does not bother you. If you eliminate the cable development ritual without compromising performance, it hardly feels like it's a duty. It's the equivalent of checking a text on your phone instead of going to your computer, turning it on, opening a browser, and going to your e-mail.

The Dyson V7 is not the latest or most powerful model, but its brush The bar is 75% more powerful than the V6 and is therefore particularly suitable for low-pile carpets and carpeting and hard floors. The V6 is one of my favorite purchases of recent years, and today's refurbished V7 deal is less than I spent on my own conversion.

# 5 acer

Today's gold box renounces a number of computers and Peripherals from Acer, which are now used only for working and playing. Inside you will find a range of desktops, laptops, keyboards, headphones, monitors and gaming mice.

If you want to upgrade your gaming rig, you have many options from the Acer Predator gaming line.

Just Be Warned As with all Gold Box deals, these prizes are only kept until the end of the day. For all options, be sure to visit the main post.

# 6 miir

From groomers and roarers to tumblers and camp cups: Miir makes some of our favorite drinks, whether you bring it to the backcountry or drink it at home.

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Give yourself a ride on the other booms and get Mius to buy

MiiR, maker of our favorite cup cups, has made a damn good booby some time ago. Now they have perfected …

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MiiR Reinvented The Camp Cup

You may know MiiR for their bikes and bags, but they are also among our favorites Drinking …

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Today, most of their goods (except for the equipment for wine) at Amazon are about 25% above regular prices (prices vary by color in some cases)) and ours Readers can save 10% on everything they sell with the promo code 10Kinjadeal. We will toast to it. A few favorites are below (along with the deal prices), but you can also just go to Miirs Amazon store and browse from there.

Bonus : Do not miss the Limited Edition designs, which feature great artwork and vibrant colors.

# 7 stuart weitzman

Stuart Weitzman is known for making reliable, trendy shoes that look good. The price is usually high, but today the Nordstrom Rack's boots, heels, flat shoes, sandals and sneakers are all very distinct. Benefit from hundreds of dollars for a new pair and enter the new season with a few chic new shoes.

# 8 patagonia

Backcountry has been busting its camp for weeks to prepare for a new season, and now Patagonia is coming to the deals. At Backcountry, you can get up to 65% off a range of Patagonia gear – from jumpers and jackets to hats, bags and other accessories. Although the weather is getting warmer right now, you will certainly use this stuff for the coming winters.

# 9 cuisinart knife

These Cuisinart knife sets, while not adapted to the classic look of our favorite chef's favorite knife, are anything but boring (or?). You can purchase the entire collection today for just $ 15, one of the best prices we've ever seen.

Do not let the colors fool you, because these knives are made of stainless steel and extremely sharp. The set has an average of 4.6 stars on nearly 4,000 reviews, and while the colors may not seem your thing, they help you track the contamination and prevent food from becoming contaminated while you use it.

# 10 lego bb-8

The spherical BB-8 is perhaps the most fictional one Figure that is least suited to be modeled in a LEGO set, but this 1106-piece kit is a remarkable piece of work when it comes to depicting the adorable droid with right-angled pieces.

This BB-8 obviously does not roll, but its head can turn, and it even has a detachable hatch with a pop-in torch inside. The product page is trying very hard to clarify that it is a non-functioning welding torch, but I am sure that there are some home improvement companies who would like to replace it with the real one. Please contact if you do that.

You can usually take BB-8 home for $ 58, an all-time low from either Amazon or Walmart.

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