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The $ 35,000 Tesla Model 3 can be ordered now

The long-awaited Tesla Model 3 for $ 35,000 can now be ordered online. Tesla announced on Thursday its base model 3, which will feature a single electric motor, a standard interior and an estimated range of 220 miles.

But what else brings you $ 35,000 before incentives? At the beginning, the "standard interior" includes fabric seats with manual adjustment. You will also receive basic audio, standard cards and navigation, as well as a center console with four USB ports as per Tesla's order page.

  Tesla Model 3 Order page


You can buy even the simplest car in black, unless you've upgraded to a premium paint, and the cheapest color option is $ 1,500.

For a further $ 2,000 you get the "partially premium interior". Heated front seats, various upholstery, enhanced audio reproduction, LED fog lights (even though they are not in the car) and phone docking, making them a "Standard Range Plus" car, too. which before incentives is $ 37,000 and has an estimated range of 240 miles.

The "Premium Interior," an upgrade of $ 5,000 over the standard car, receives an Internet browser, music streaming in the car, satellite image maps With traffic information, heated front seats and rear seats, and an even more powerful audio system, this environment is available for the $ 40,000 mid-range trim and 43,000-mile long-range version.

Depends on how long the entry-level model 3 takes This could be the case in order to hit the market The number of people buying electric vehicles is a dramatic change [19659006] This story is currently evolving and being updated.

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