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The 5G Galaxy S10 arrives in South Korea first in April

Samsung Galaxy fans could be faced with a surprisingly tough buying decision in the company's homeland with the heavily hyped Galaxy Fold in the same month. After all, both devices offer drastically different perspectives for the future of smartphones: one fast and the other flexible. For the phone start no fixed dates are set. This largely depends on Korea's mobile operators SK Telecom, KT and LG Uplus. However, we have heard that Samsung eventually aspired to launch in late March in Korea before the plans for that date broke. The US should be disappointed. As in Korea, mobile operators in the US generally set official sales dates for new smartphones. (In some cases, the device manufacturer will also decide to sell new products directly to consumers at the same time.) We know that the phone will come on the market sometime in the second quarter with its exclusive partner Verizon, before joining AT & T, Sprint and T is available. Mobile in the following months. The problem is that none of these operators has specified when they want to illuminate their 5G mobile networks.

Emphasis on "mobile". Verizon (Engadget's parent company) currently offers 5G residential services in parts of Sacramento, Los Angeles, Houston and Indianapolis and plans to launch its 5G mobile service in 30 cities in the "first half of 201

9". AT & T has 5G service in 12 cities (including Atlanta, Indianapolis, Oklahoma City, Dallas, Houston and more) in operation. Nine more have 2019 in mind. T-Mobile had to postpone its 5G launch later this year, Sprint has left the most accurate schedule. The company plans to launch its 5G network in Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas and Kansas City, Missouri, in May of this year. With no other connection between Verizon, the carrier that will bring this device to market, the S10 5G will remain one of the phones that we admire at trade shows behind glass.

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