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The 'absolute unit' UK museum found a cute lost bat, named him Merlin

Image: Marko Konig / Imagebroker / REX / Shutterstock

The Museum of English Rural Life is already internet-famous because of its animal tweets. The thicc ram has nothing on a live bat, however.

This story actually started back in Nov. 2018 when a bat was discovered just chilling out near the ceiling of the museum's book store. Rose-Ann Movsovic – A museum volunteer.

What a wheel hobby. Movsovic actually tweeted a photo of the adorable little critter back in November.

Now, the museum – or MERL, as it's often called – is ready to tell the whole story. First, the bat was inspected. Closely. NSFW?

That examination is actually to the exact species of bat being identified. It turns out that little rascals are relative newcomers to the UK. As MERL notes, they hail from the Baltic states and have migrated to Germany, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

As of Feb. 2019, Little Merlin is still in the care of Movsovic. [More] The Migratory Habits.

But ! Under Movsovic's care he's been learning how to live as a normal-sized adult bat that can fly. Hey what an underweight baby asked him, you see.