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The accessory that Apple removed from the iPhone 12 box is now cheaper than ever – BGR

  • Apple no longer bundles free chargers and EarPods with iPhones, regardless of whether they are the new iPhone 12 series or the older iPhone versions that are still available in Apple stores.
  • Apple cut the accessories out of the iPhone boxes to meet its environmental goals and reduce CO2 emissions.
  • Apple is now selling cheaper USB-C chargers and EarPods in stores than before, with $ 10 off each accessory.

Apple unveiled the iPhone 12 series earlier this week during a virtual event, confirming most of the rumors that preceded the event. Apple also announced that the iPhone 12 phones would not come with the usual USB charger and EarPods headphones in the box, just as the rumors said. By taking this step, Apple can reduce the size of the box and cut CO2 emissions. Apple estimates that the changes will save 2 million tons of CO2 emissions annually, “equivalent to driving nearly 450,000 cars off the road”

;. The measures apply to all iPhones, including the older iPhone XR, iPhone 11, and the new iPhone SE, which Apple is still selling.

During the press conference, Apple stated that there are more than 2 billion iPhone chargers and more than 700 million EarPods pairs worldwide. Most iPhone buyers will not be affected by Apple’s decision to reduce waste. Even those coming to iPhone from Android have USB-C chargers that work with the USB-C to Lightning charging cable that comes with every iPhone. Many other chargers, including USB-C power adapters that come with laptops like Apple’s own MacBooks or tablets like the iPad, are also compatible with the iPhones. However, Apple will continue to stock chargers and wired headphones in stores that are now much cheaper than they were before.

People buying their first smartphone will need to purchase a separate charger if that smartphone is one of the iPhone versions sold by Apple. You’ll also need to buy your own headphones, whether it’s EarPods, AirPods, or other wired or wireless headphones.

The 20W USB-C power adapter sold by Apple is $ 19 or $ 10 cheaper than before. You don’t get a free charger, so you have to pay an extra $ 19. However, the charger that usually comes with the cheaper iPhones is a 5W charger. The 20 W power adapter charges the battery much faster than before.

The EarPods with Lightning Connector are also $ 19 after a discount of $ 10. These headphones come for free with every iPhone and are the type of headphones that some people want to buy.

If you need both accessories, you’ll end up paying an additional $ 38. This is on top of the price you pay for the new iPhone, and it will be an inconvenience for some people. But it’s still $ 20 cheaper than before.

Most people own a lot of wireless chargers, which is really the only must-have charger of the two. When it comes to headphones, there are many more attractive alternatives, most of which are wireless. And with Black Friday almost here, you can expect tons of deals from the competition for Apple’s AirPods and AirPods Pro, as well as other wireless headphones.

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