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The Apple Supplier Report provides details of security changes related to COVID-19

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Apple explains its efforts to prevent the spread of coronaviruses in its supply chain.

James Martin / CNET

Apple’s annual supply chain review highlights the company’s plans to increase the safety and security of workers in its global supply chain after the corona virus outbreak.

Apple’s 14th annual supplier responsibility progress report, released on Thursday, includes a letter from Sabih Khan, Apple’s senior vice president of operations, Returning to Safe Work – because everyone has the right to a safe and healthy workplace. “

“No country has left this pandemic untouched, and we would like to thank all of our suppliers around the world for their commitment, flexibility and care for their teams as we deal with the complex and rapidly evolving impact of COVID-19.” Khan said. “From the beginning, we worked with our suppliers to develop and implement a plan that put people’s health first.”

In February, the company warned that the proliferation of COVID-19 in China would affect its flagship iPhone business and limit both the offer and sale of the devices. But it has also helped health workers and others through the crisis, donating millions of dollars, more than 30 million masks, and 7.5 million face shields to help fight the coronavirus.

One of the changes Apple has made to the supply chain workforce is that personal protective equipment must be worn at work and in all public areas. Masks and disinfectants were distributed to the employees. According to Khan, deep cleaning protocols have also been implemented.

Khan said the company shared what it learned from others in the industry as companies develop their own best practices to protect employee health during the pandemic.

“While COVID-19 was an unprecedented challenge, we also gained hope and inspiration from humanity’s renewed focus on the health of our colleagues, friends, and neighbors,” said Khan.

The review was based on interviews with more than 52,000 supplier employees in 49 countries in 2019 compared to 30 countries in the previous year.

According to Apple, the number of locations participating in its Zero Waste program launched in 2015 to reduce waste in the manufacturing process rose 53% and diverted more than 322,000 tons of waste to landfills. Suppliers saved more than 30 billion gallons of fresh water in 2019, resulting in a 40% reuse rate of wastewater.

More than 154,700 supplier employees participated in the training and development of supplier employees, which provides access to educational opportunities through higher education and online courses. Around 4 million workers have used the program since 2008.

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