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The best audio devices to help you fall asleep (and stay)

It can be difficult to create the perfect sleeping environment for yourself. We can lower or crank the air conditioning in our homes to get a comfortable temperature, we can find the perfect mattress to be comfortable and fall asleep quickly, and we can find the heaviest blackout curtains to cover the bright outside areas. But we can't really influence the things that happen outside our walls, be it through noisy neighbors, sirens all night long, or the chirping of birds outside your window as the sun rises.

But thanks to modern technology, we can do our best to drown out the outside world and deal with our thoughts when we fall asleep. Some prefer to fall asleep with Netflix or audiobooks, but not all of us can ignore the sounds of speaking. For those of us who have hyperfocused brains, sound machines can be the answer to restful and restful sleep.

Sound machines that were previously used to generate white noise and at the same time, the benefits of sleeping with white noise cannot be overstated, some prefer the sound of the ocean or the chirping of insects in a forest. Thanks to modern technology, we can go into any relaxing environment with sound machines.

Let's talk about some of the coolest and most effective sound machines on the market.

The best sound machines for better sleep

  • SNOOZ White Noise Sound Machine – $ 80
  • Marpac Dohm Classic White Noise Machine – $ 45
  • Pure Enrichment Wave Premium Sleep Sound Machine – $ 30
  • Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine – $ 60
  • MyBaby Deep Sleep White Noise Machine – $ 39
  • MyBaby SoundSpa Lullaby – $ 25
  • HoMedics HDS-1000 deep sleep white noise machine – $ 37 [19659013SNOOZWhiteNoiseSoundMachine – $ 80
      Best Sound Machines for Sleep Snooz White Noise Machine 3x2

    In our humble opinion, this is the one best looking sound machine on the market. If you want to ruin the aesthetics of your room with an unsightly technical detail on your bedside table, this is the perfect choice. But don't worry, SNOOZ's white noise machine doesn't just look like this. A machine with white noise and looping sound can drive the more alert among us a little bit crazy, especially if we can expect the loop to come. However, this machine does not offer looping white noise as the sound comes from a real fan inside the machine. It offers 10 tones for people of all ages and soothes your pets when they are afraid of separation. Perhaps the coolest feature of this device is that it is fully integrated into a smartphone app, so you can control all the functions of the device for white noise from your phone. Connect multiple SNOOZ devices to your phone and turn down the volume for the sound machine in the guest room in the kitchen. It is a particularly practical device for parents who also want sound machines in children's rooms.

    Marpac Dohm Classic White Noise Machine – $ 45

    Here's a sound machine that doesn't win any beauty pageants, but it's just about the wine, not the label, is it? When it comes to sound machines, the Marpac Dohm can be seen as a historical and established device. The first edition of this machine, the Sleep-Mate, appeared on the shelves in 1962 and helped our parents and grandparents fall asleep. Of course, the contemporary edition of the Marpac Dohm offers much higher quality technology than its ancestors. With a real built-in fan, this is a machine with non-looped white noise. However, if you are looking for the natural sounds of the rainforest or a calming storm, you should choose a different model, as Marpac Dohm stays white noise with classics. Simple and yet effective.

    Pure Enrichment Wave Premium Sleep Sound Machine – $ 30

      Best Sound Machines for Sleep Pure Enrichment Wave Machine 3x2

    Pure Enrichment knows the game of relaxation. With humidifiers, heating pads, fragrance diffusers and Himalayan salt lamps, Pure Enrichment wants you to create a spa experience in your own bedroom. And you can start by choosing an audio machine that will help you sleep optimally. This machine has six sounds; white noise, fan, sea, rain, electricity and summer night; If you feel like you've been transferred to the beach or to a nature reserve, the Pure Enrichment Machine is for you. It has automatic timers for 15, 30 and 60 minutes and is pretty and small, perfect for on the go.

    Sleeping Machines for Babies

    You don't have to be a parent to know that babies really babies are bad at sleeping. Of course parents know better than anyone, and the countless sleepless nights are proof of that. But, parents, you can do your best to create a calming environment for your little ones and reduce the likelihood of experiencing another sleepless night listening to the ambient sounds of a crying toddler. While all of the above devices are suitable for children, sound devices specially designed for children offer unique features such as built-in night lights, sounds that mimic the womb, and even projectors that can mimic the look of a cell phone over the cot.

    Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine – $ 60

    This may be the most expensive of our three options for child-friendly sound machines, but it is a sound machine that your child can grow up with. Not only is it equipped with a smartphone app that lets you turn the volume up or down, or turn the sound machine on or off without entering and waking up the kid's room, it also has an attractive built-in night light. This means that at the age of being afraid of monsters under the bed, your child won't have to find another product to avoid being afraid of the dark. Set a timer to peacefully wake your child, turn on a sound that mimics the heartbeat in the womb, and set the hours that the sound machine should turn on and off with your family's schedule.

    MyBaby Deep Sleep White Noise Machine – $ 39

    MyBaby has mastered the craft of sound machines for the little ones. This is a small, non-distracting audio machine that requires both a cable and a wireless connection. Just top it up and take it with you when you're on vacation. After all, you and the baby need your sleep even when you're on the go. It has six sounds: heartbeat, calm, mask, calm, sea and sparkle. Unlike some other audio devices in this list, you can even adjust the volume on this device so that your audio device doesn't create a noisy environment, which is a completely new problem. Simply turn on the 14, 30, 45, or 60 minute timer so that it automatically turns off once the baby is asleep so you don't waste the precious battery power.

    MyBaby SoundSpa Lullaby $ 25

    Yes, two MyBaby sound machines made this list, and for good reason. If you want more robust features, you can use SoundSpa Lullaby as a 2.0 version. the new and improved deep sleep model. With a new and improved design and additional functions, you get an interesting and unique sound machine. Do you see these three lamps on top of the sound machine? These project different images, such as B. a cartoon fish to distract your baby from everyday stress, e.g. B. "I was not fed fast enough" or "I had to wear shoes" The sound of rain and the rhythmic sounds of the ocean as well as lullabies like Rock-a-bye Baby and Brahms & # 39; Cradle Song impress you with the number of options available to this surprisingly small machine.

    HoMedics HDS-1000 Deep Sleep White Noise Machine – $ 37

    HoMedics has developed a sound machine that looks and sounds good. With four adjustable white noise tones; excellent sound quality via powerful speakers; a timer for 30, 60 or 90 minutes; and travel-ready, this is a great catch-all-sound machine if you're looking for something sturdy that checks all the boxes. This sound machine is also available for sale. It's only $ 37, compared to the regular list price of $ 60. So this is the perfect time to get it under control.

    How sound machines help you sleep. In fact, it is the sudden start or stop of the sound or a sudden and sharp increase or decrease in volume. If you've ever lived above a bar or had neighbors who enjoyed making music all night, you know that heavy bass is enough to keep the weary among us. Our brains automatically recognize sounds, and in order to fall asleep and relax the mind, we have to drown them out.

    Sleep machines are designed to produce a constant but neutral sound that our brains find it difficult to concentrate on. Usually it is quiet and rhythmic, but not too looping because our brain can focus on sounds that loop too obviously. Nature is fantastic when it comes to creating soothing sounds that make us comfortable. Rains, the crash of ocean waves, the chirping of insects in the distance; and that's why you will find so many sound machines that offer these natural sounds in addition to the normal white noise sounds.

    Are you obsessed with sleeping well? We also. Why not try some of the best cooling pillows that protect you from overheating at night, pillows for side sleepers that look high and supportive, or mattress pads to completely transform your old mattress into a new and extremely comfortable one? Don't forget to check out our digital trends deals page so you are always up to date on great sales of products that can improve your life.

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