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The best beer subscriptions

A beer subscription box is hands down the best way to try beers that you can’t find in your local store – there are always plenty of new beer options to try. With so many pockets full of amazing breweries around the world, the FOMO associated with not being able to try them is real. Stepping into beer crates: Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for a craft beer lover in your orbit or you are are The beer lover who wants to try out new, rare and hard-to-find offers has come to the right place with the subscription box enthusiasm. Any craft beer glugging fan of “I Wish This IPA Was More Hopeful”

; will surely appreciate a subscription to one of these popular beer clubs designed specifically for beer lovers. When you sign up for a beer crate subscription, expect monthly crates of carefully selected beers and selected beer picks in a variety of styles, made from unique ingredients – along with some beer-themed accessories.

Whether you love ale, lager, hop IPA, silky carrier, or sour – or just crave a small beer vendor – there’s a beer subscription box that will keep you smiling month after month. Unless, of course, you dear wine and Wine clubsbut we’ve got you covered there too. Check out our selection of the best beer subscriptions for every type of drinker that we update regularly.

Craft Beer Club

The Craft Beer Club is arguably the most popular beer subscription box for craft beer enthusiasts, and for good reason. It sends out exceptional craft beers from across the country every month. Many of the craft brews are limited in availability, which means subscribing to CBC may be your only chance to try these specialty breweries. They also value fresh beer, with their selected breweries making a fresh batch just before the crates run out. The Craft Beer Club costs $ 43 a month and has 12 carefully crafted and hard-to-find beers in each box shipment.


If hops makes you happy, this is the monthly club for you (or any other hop beer lover you’d like to treat). The HopHeads Beer Club sends out three different hop beers – four each – every month so you can feel full. Unsurprisingly, this weighs heavily on IPAs of various styles, but it also makes way for hoppy pale ale and red ales. These aren’t all super bitter hop-you-over-the-head beers, however; The club also sheds light on “the many hop flavors and aromas available to brewers today given the ever-increasing variety of hops on offer,” and includes both imports and American selections. Pricing starts at $ 35 per month for three months.

Beer drop

Some of the beer subscriptions on this list don’t leave much of the beer choice up to you, but not so with Beer Drop. This beer delivery box startup has a variety of plans, but each of them lets you choose the specific styles of beer that go into your monthly deliveries. These include IPA beers, fruity beers, Belgian beers, and others. Monthly drops of microbrewery deals start at $ 39 per month and your subscription can be canceled at any time. Also noteworthy: these beers are all canned so you never have to worry about a broken bottle.

The US Microbrewed Beer Club

This club dates back to 1994 and features high quality, rare and award winning craft beers from across the country. Each month, a team of experts samples over 500 beers for this month’s shipment, with only 20% of those beers making the cut. This is the perfect beer subscription box for the real beer snob who works with an overly sensitive palate. There are five membership options starting at $ 30 per month plus shipping.

Rare beer club

The Rare Beer Club is the most selective of them all, offering only two 750ml bottles of beer per month. Two separate styles are sent per month, and no two months will see the same on your door (unless you request or reorder). Don’t let the limited choices discourage you. It’s quality that you’re here for and these beers are carefully curated. You have three purchase options: two 750ml bottles per month ($ 39 plus shipping); four 750 ml bottles per month ($ 55 plus shipping); or six 750 ml bottles per month ($ 73 plus shipping). You will often get beers that use rare production techniques and ingredients, such as aging by mixing or in bourbon and cedar casks. You’ll also find extremely rare beers from around the world, including emerging breweries in Brazil, Japan, and Scandinavia.

Beer all over America

The original monthly beer club, Beer Across America, was founded in 1992 and is dedicated to highlighting great craft brews from around the country. Each beer shipment contains 12 bottles – four beers from two craft breweries per month, curated by a group of beer experts. As with many such clubs, you will also receive a monthly newsletter with more information on each featured brewery and tasting notes for each beer. Plans start at $ 40 a month with free shipping, making them one of the most affordable options on this list. You can cancel it at any time.

From the second delivery you can check the selection of beers for each month. If you see something you don’t want, you can skip that broadcast and wait for another beer next month. You will still receive the total number of programs for which you have registered. You also get a bar style beer opener.

First sip of the Brew Box

Each box contains merchandise like t-shirts, mugs and sunglasses from an amazing craft brewery every month, as well as optional extras like beer-infused baked goods and beer-scented candles. With three subscription levels starting at $ 21 per month, this is a great way to dive into the creative world of craft brewing and appreciate one brand at a time. It even offers a beer box for your pet.

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