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The best bidet offers for March 2020: Cheap bidet toilet seats

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If you are like most people, you have been paying more attention to toilet paper or its shortage than ever before. With the recent shortage of paper products, many people are looking for alternative ways to clean themselves after using the toilet. Enter the bidet – these bathroom taps have been used in countries such as Italy, Portugal and Spain for decades and are believed to have originated in France in the early 18th century. Although historically not so popular in the U.S., these toilets make a lot of sense in terms of cleanliness. But which is the best bidet? If you are open to new and curious, there are some cheap bidet toilet seats. If you're familiar with bidets and want to add one to your bathroom, we've also found some cheap options. Check out the best bidet deals below.

Today's Best Bidet Deals

How To Choose A Bidet

Most Americans are not that familiar with bidets, so choosing the right one for you may prove to be more difficult. The first thing to consider is money. You can save money in the long run (with the cost of toilet paper) with a bidet, but it's not a drop in the bucket. A whole unit can cost up to $ 1

,000, and the toilet seats aren't cheap either. The price of the bidet toilet seat or the actual bidet depends on several factors. The first factor is electrical or non-electrical. Almost all bidets that are cheap are not electric and are therefore operated based on the water pressure in your home. Electric bidets are equipped with features such as heated seats, adjustable increased water pressure, ambient noise that mutes the sounds of nature, and much more. Most electrical units also come with a remote control.

The second factor is the water temperature. Almost all bidets offer heated water because cold water is a no-no in sensitive areas. The main problem here is the time it takes the water to reach a comfortable temperature. Some models have their own tank that stores warm water, while other models use your home's water heater to get the job done.

Self-cleaning nozzles are the next factor to consider. The ability to clean the nozzle before use is a nice feature and feels more hygienic overall. Since there are a few splashes when used in the toilet bowl, it is definitely a good thing to be able to rinse the nozzle quickly.

Next comes the question of attachment, full seat or the whole device. Most of the attachments are mechanical. If you don't want an attachment to hang on the side of your toilet, a seat is the way to go. Seats are more expensive than attachments, but some of them offer additional features like heated seats and slow-closing lids. When it comes to an entire luminaire, although it is much more expensive than an attachment or a seat, the functions are unprecedented. Most of them have heating water and seat, each with adjustable levels, adjustable water pressure, slow-closing lid, electronic controls in the form of a removed or attached side wall, a nozzle (or more nozzles) with adjustable positions and more.

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