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The Best Fitbit Versa Pricing and Sales for Black Friday 2019

If you're looking for a high quality watch, but do not want to pay the price of an Apple Watch, the Fitbit Versa is a great option. The popular fitness tracker has been discounted by a number of popular retailers as there is a newer version of the Fitbit Smartwatch Out (the Fitbit Ionic) that offers more. We also have the best prices for the Fitbit Versa Special Edition and the Fitbit Versa Lite Edition.

The Fitbit Versa records all your activities, including steps, heart rate, distance, calories burned, climbed soils, active minutes, hourly activity, and life. The Versa Smartwatch is also waterproof, so you can track lap and calorie consumption while swimming. Enjoy your favorite music on the Versa with more than 300 songs that you can save or connect with Bluetooth headphones so you can listen to music or podcasts wirelessly.

Versa also helps you track your health and fitness goals with personalized memories. You can also personalize your workout with on-screen coaching that adapts to the feedback provided. Versa also has women's health data collection that allows women to record their periods and gain insight into fertility and other health statistics. The Versa also has basic smartwatch features such as calls, text messages and notifications, as well as access to your favorite apps.

The price for the Fitbit Versa is usually $ 1

99.99 / £ 199.99 / $ 299.99. Often, however, we find a number of merchants accessing these features. If you have the smartwatch on offer, you should never pay more than the specified price.

The Best Black Friday Fitbit Versa Smartwatch Deals and Prizes

While you can shop for the latest deals below, there's no harm in looking forward to Fitbit Versa discounts during Black Friday. To help you with this, we've put together a guide on how to find the best deals on Black Friday 2019. You'll also learn what else you need to know, such as: For example, when the sale starts and what prices you can expect. and which items are offered for sale.

The Best Deals on the Fitbit Versa Smartwatch

If you're interested in contactless payments or want to improve the appearance of the Versa Smartwatch, you can upgrade to the Fitbit Versa Special Edition. In the Special Edition version of the Smartwatch, you can choose between a charcoal or lavender fabric band instead of the classic Versa band. The Fitbit Versa Special Edition also has a built-in NFC chip that allows you to make secure payments without a wallet. You can pay with your credit and debit cards on the go with a tap, if you accept contactless payments.

The Best Deals on the Fitbit Versa Special Edition

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