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The Best Free Software Updater 2019

If you do not use a software updater, you will miss out on important patches for some of the programs you use on a daily basis. Many programs update automatically, so you can always be sure that you always use the latest (and safest) version. However, this is not the case with all programs and some updaters work in different ways.

For example, you may not get updates for programs that you do not use frequently, and it may be difficult to launch programs just to see if there is something new to download.

A dedicated software updater can help you out here. These handy utilities scan your computer to see what you have installed and then go online to see if new versions of your applications are available. Some utilities automatically install the updates for you, while others just let you know that an update is available. In any case, with little effort, you can make sure you're running the latest versions of all your favorite programs.

  Patch My PC Home Updater

. Patch for my PC Home Updater

The fastest and easiest way to update your software

Portable App

Automatic Scans

One-Click Updates

Not the largest database

Patch My PC was in close for a while, and it has gained a large fanbase – something that you will understand once you try it out. This is a portable app that is ideal for sticking to a USB drive and for updating the computer of friends and family members. The application is easy to use.

Once you start the program, it will automatically scan your computer What software you have installed and quickly tell you which software needs updating. The database of supported programs is not exhaustive, but it is quite extensive.

If you find outdated programs on your computer, you can update them all with a single click – this is not required. You can manually start any updater as the updates are downloaded for you. Many programs are updated "unattended" without the need for intervention. However, some programs will ask you to continue the upgrade. As an added bonus, you can configure update checks on a scheduler so you do not have to worry about manually running them. Great stuff!

  Download Crew Update Scanner

2. Downloadcrew UpdateScanner

Automatic search for updates for hundreds of applications

Automatic and manual scans

Huge software database

Not particularly intuitive

The Download Crew Update Scanner software is capable of its extensive and growing database to look for updates for a variety of titles. The program can be configured to start automatically with Windows and check for updates each time you start your computer, or you can schedule the scan for a specific time of the day. Of course, you can opt for a manual scan if you want.

While the program is undeniably powerful and thorough when it comes to checking for updates, it's not as smooth as some rivals. The updater is in your system tray and a pop-up informs you when something is available for download. When you click the notification, the main program interface appears with links to endless programs that you might want to install.

A link to download the available updates appears at the top of the screen. Clicking on this will take you to the Download Crew Web site, where you can manually download the latest versions of the software.


3. SUMo

Can search for beta versions

Can exclude certain programs

Not the fastest

Automatic updates are not free

SUMo has nothing to do with Japanese wrestling – not that we thought we would really imagine it that! The name for Software Update Monitor is short, and it does a great deal what you would expect. There is a small problem: it is a bit slow.

Hopefully, the program scans your hard drive for software so it knows what you've installed, and this process can be a bit slow.

SUMo then notifies you of any programs that need to be updated, and you can manually select the programs you want to update and download the latest version from the SUMo Web site.

If you want the benefit of automatic updating, you will have to shell out for the Pro version of the tool. There are some nice details, such as the ability to search for beta software versions, and the option to ignore updates for certain programs (never look for updates). There is also a second tool, DUMo, which can be used to search for driver updates. A perfect companion.


4. OutdateFIGHTER

Not the most complete, but some handy extras.

Contains Software Uninstaller

Fewer updates than competitors.

Contains ads

In tests, OUTDATEfighter seems to be more limited than its competitors. The utility has found fewer updates than alternative update tools, and this raises the question of whether something important escapes when it really matters.

In addition to this potential problem, the program interface serves as a billboard for other products from the same company. There are toolbar buttons that point to utility information that can help speed up and protect your computer in a variety of ways.

OUTDATEfighter can also be used to uninstall unneeded software and to manage Windows updates. However, it's clear why you want to go this route instead of just using Windows-specific tools.

Ultimately, your mileage can vary with OUTDATEfighter. You may be lucky enough to find that all your installed software is supported and recognized. It's worth figuring out to find out.

  Glarysoft Software Updater

5. Glarysoft Software Update

Great detection rates, but updates are not automatic

Well-designed interface

Extensive database

No automatic updates

Extra software included

Glarysoft has a glorious history in which it is unheard of was unleashed helpful utilities for Windows, so the hope is very much that Glarysoft Software Update will make the grade

The good news is that it does. This is a quality tool with a great, professional feel and a high recognition rate for updates. For system administrators and home users with multiple computers, there is a remote update option that lets you remotely manage other computers. A nice idea.

Unfortunately, as with many other update tools, the update process is a manual process unless you are prepared to pay for upgrading to the Professional version. In this case, it can be automated. A nice touch here is that you get a trial access to Software Update Professional to get an idea of ​​how it works and whether it's worth your money.

A word of warning. When installing the program, make sure that you do not accidentally install the additional Malware Hunter tool that is offered to you. You do not need it.

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