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The best gaming deals for Amazon Prime Day 2020: Switch, PlayStation, Xbox and PC

After a delay of several months due to COVID-19, Amazon Prime Day 2020 is still happening. It’s currently available on the Amazon website and has thousands of offers available. More will follow in the next 48 hours. As usual, you will need a Prime membership to make the sale. A free 30-day trial is available.

Although Prime Day comes later than usual this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, it offers significant discounts on some of the best games for Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC. Prime Day is also a great opportunity to purchase consoles and PC hardware at a discounted price. You’ll also find great deals on game accessories, merch, Blu-rays, collectibles and practically everything on your wishlist.

If you want to shop in the Prime Day offer, you̵

7;ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up the best deals and everything else you need to know below. Remember, you must be signed in to see Prime Day prices. Look for the blue Prime Day Deal label in a listing – your checkout price will appear to the right of it. Other retailers are also holding anti-Prime Day sales this week. We have listed some of these offers below (if those prices are not available on Amazon).

Great deals on Nintendo Switch

See more of that Great deals on Prime Day Nintendo Switch.

Best PlayStation deals

More of the best deals on Prime Day PS5 and PS4.

Best Xbox Deals

See more of that The best deals on Prime Series Xbox Series X / S and Xbox One.

Best PC gaming deals

See more of the best Prime Day PC gaming deals.

Best deals on pc games

Note: These are flash offers available as part of Fanatical’s Insanity sale. New offers appear regularly and are only available for 24 hours.

Show all flash offers at Fanatical.

Best tips for Amazon Prime Day

To get the most out of Prime Day, you should know exactly what you are shopping for. Otherwise, it’s easy to plunge into Amazon’s rabbit hole. While Black Friday gives you plenty of time to plan out exactly the deals you want to take advantage of, Prime Day deals are generally kept secret until the event starts, so that’s when you want your computer to be ready to check out grab anything you want. The best offers are sure to sell out quickly.

There are several types of Prime Day deals that you should know about. Understanding what these are can help guide your planning. Prime Day starts about a week in advance Early access or countdown offers. You will also see throughout the event Spotlight offers– This runs 24 hours and can take place both in the run-up to Prime Day and during the event itself. Lightning Agreement These are typically some of the best Prime Day discounts, but these are limited-time items with limited inventory that will sell out quickly. The best way to keep up with this step is to use the Amazon app on your phone as well as the upcoming deals page on Amazon. Click “Watch this Deal” to be notified when it starts. Eventually there will be thousands of them Prime Day exclusive offers This lasts for the entire duration of Prime Day, which is expected to be 48 hours this year. These deals are likely still sold out if they include popular items like the Nintendo Switch.

Read our guide to the best Prime Day tips to make sure you don’t miss out on the hottest deals. Plus, stay tuned for GameSpot during Amazon Prime Day 2020 as we cover the best in gaming, technology and entertainment, and follow GameSpot deals on Twitter for the latest information on lightning deals and more.

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