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The best gifts for white elephants and secret Santa Clauses for under $ 10


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It's the time of year: Secret gifts for Santa and the white elephant. Usually, these events have price limits, and if yours is only $ 10, you may have a hard time making a fun, cool, and really good gift. Hi! Cheapskate in the house! I totally covered you.

What is the secret Santa Claus? Allow me to enlighten you, other non-Christians. This usually happens in an office. The name of each person is thrown in a hat, then each person chooses a name. Whoever gets you, you have to buy him or her a gift – ideally something suitable.

As with White Elephant (also known as Yankee Swap and, in some circles, Dirty Santa), the idea is that each person brings one wrapped gift. All gifts are put on a pile, then each person receives a randomly assigned number. The first person chooses and opens a gift that everyone can see. The next person can either steal this gift or select something else from the stack – and so on, until all the gifts are open.

These are the general ideas. Now for some fantastic gifts under $ 10.


Is there anything more satisfying than a Nerf firefight? Or simply ambush an unsuspecting colleague with an arrow fire? Obviously: no. This simple shooter holds six arrows in his rotating rapid-fire drum. For under $ 10, it's a great gift.

There is a reason why this game is a classic. It is easy to learn but difficult to master. Almost every age can play. And everyone loves when a bunch of blocks fall over. At the moment, the price is only $ 6.88, although it fluctuates frequently. I think that whenever it's under $ 10, it's a bargain.


Okay, it's just pennies above the limit, but that's forgivable for a super-practical gift that almost anyone would want. This mobile charger has two USB outputs and a small built-in LED flashlight. It's perfect for a bag or a glove box – wherever emergency power could be useful.

Jackbox Games

Quiplash is a kind of electronic version of Apple's to Apples – but much, much funnier. It is for three to eight players who participate by phone or tablet, but also viewers can vote on their favorite answers. The game takes place on a computer or a television. Quiplash is compatible with Windows, Mac, game consoles, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV.


Another extremely practical product that is indispensable for cars without a USB port or for cars without a high-gain amplifier. It usually costs $ 13 and is currently being sold for $ 9. However, cutting off the on-page voucher will save you another 30%.

Sarah Tew

Lightweight and comfortable, with good sound for the money, the Flats are already a bargain at their regular price of $ 12 (which sometimes increases to the list price of $ 20). It is published here that almost every color is available for $ 9.99.

Read the test by JVC Flats.

Phone Straps

The Phone Strap, my only favorite accessory in the history of phone accessories, has come up with tons of cool new patterns and colors, eco-friendly packaging, and a new elastic option if you prefer something stretchy. Whatever you choose, they fit into any phone case, helping you to maintain a secure and comfortable grip. In addition, they do not contribute to mass or weight and do not affect the wireless charging.

They usually cost $ 5.99 each, but if you buy three, you will receive free shipping. And if you do, you can also use promo code cheapskate to save 33%. (Basically it's buying two, getting one for nothing.) So you just go a little beyond the $ 10 limit, and you get one that you can keep to yourself.

Have you found other great gifts worth $ 10? Tell me about it in the comments!

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