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The best memory foam mattresses for every sleeping position

Mattress springs are no longer the right choice – here's how to find the best memory foam mattress for you.

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If back pain is the bane of your existence, Leesa The amazing three-layer memory foam mattress was made especially for you.

Memory Foam mattresses are where they are now. Metal springs in the whole bed? No thanks. Hard pass.

If you currently want to buy a new mattress, you can narrow it down to the desired mattress. Memory foam is a great place to start, but as I said, it's currently a popular material – also known as anyone who uses it. Therefore, finding your dream mattress may not be as airy as you might expect. It's actually pretty daunting.

But don't freak out; We are here to help.

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We take the purchase of mattresses very seriously. is important, and the quality of your rest can make or break your day (and beyond). When you wake up with energy and refreshment, concentration and function become much easier to handle. Sleep poorly one night and you will feel tired and irritated and probably drink far too many cups of coffee. (Don't do this to yourself.)

Good sleep means a better, happier life. It is therefore important that you not only find the best mattress that you can, but also the best mattress specifically for you .

First, we recommend that you take stock of your sleeping habits. What kind of sleeper are you Do you throw and shoot all night? What position are you normally in when you wake up? Do you prefer a firm mattress for support or a soft mattress for? Do you overheat regularly or do you get cold? Are you vulnerable to These are all questions that you should answer yourself before choosing your new bed. It should take a while, so it is important that you do not settle for anything less than you absolutely need – a good mattress is an investment.

No matter what type of mattress you like, you can now find it online, which is better than going to the mattress shop. But because you don't go to the store, you can't test your mattress in advance.

Here are some things to consider before making a decision:

  • Know your bed size: Measure your bedroom and bed frame. Which fits most comfortably? If you share the bed with a partner (or pet), you will not get a double size. Funny fact: full and queen-size beds are the same width, the queen-size option is only longer. So if you're not particularly tall, you can probably get away with a full one, which is usually the cheaper option.

  • Firm or soft? It depends on your personal preferences and how you sleep. You usually want something firmer for better spine alignment, while stomach and back sleepers should be fine on a softer model. But of course this is not a fixed rule. Get what normally feels good to you.

  • Take into account the guarantee: Online mattresses are not always cheap, so you should consider a company's guarantee before making any commitment. Look for guarantees that offer flexible coverage and support so you don't have to spend a lot on repairs and replacements. In addition, free trials are helpful if you are unsatisfied with your first nights.

We read the reviews, compared the models, and made our final list. Here are the best memory foam mattresses you can currently get online:

Good for a variety of sleeping positions. • Three layers of foam for improved body support and pain relief. • Option for the delivery of white gloves or self-organization

No moisture-wicking substance, so do not spill (or sweat?)

If back pain is routine at this time, Leesa's three layers of supportive and comfortable memory foam should alleviate at least some of your problems and ultimately help you sleep comfortably at night.

1. Leesa

If back pain is the bane of your existence, Leesa's amazing three-layer Recovery Memory Foam mattress is made just for you.

  • Sleep factor:
    Good for back, side and stomach sleepers – plus those with regular back pain
Body support is crucial for a good night's sleep – especially if back pain is routine for you – and the Leesa mattress can help you get to the dreamland without pain.
Leesa's three-layer memory foam construction keeps you comfortable while you sleep all night. A two-inch responsive memory foam layer hugs your curves and delivers just the right amount of bounce to move positions, which in turn keeps those wake-up pains at bay. There is a 2-inch regeneration foam layer in the middle of the mattress, which adapts even more to your body shape and reduces joint pressure. At the bottom, a 6-inch core foam layer provides additional support and ties everything together. Thanks to Leesa's construction, you don't have to worry about stiffness or sagging.
A delivery with white gloves (chic!) Is available for the Leesa Memory Foam mattress, but frankly it's so easy that you can probably set it up yourself. Simply pack the mattress on its side, place it on a solid or slatted base, remove the outer layer of plastic wrap and tear off the inner plastic. Since it is a memory foam mattress, it expands slowly in about an hour and it takes a few days for a firm shape to be achieved. It's really fun to see how it grows.
Another advantage of Leesa's mattress is the 10-year limited warranty. If a defect is covered by the warranty, Leesa will repair or replace the mattress without asking questions. However, it does not cover comfort preferences or damage caused by improper equipment. As with any product, you can contact the manufacturer (AKA Leesa) if you have any problems.
Christine S., a Leesa customer, writes:

“I did a lot of research about mattresses that are supposed to be good for people with back problems, and ultimately decided on Leesa. When I first slept on my Leesa, I woke up in the morning and thought, "Wait a minute … my back doesn't hurt … am I dreaming?" I could hardly believe it. Even the pain when getting up was greatly reduced. My back problems have not completely disappeared as no mattress will solve the underlying problems, but my back has felt so much better since I started sleeping on my Leesa. It's been about six weeks now and I really couldn't be happier with my Leesa. "

Unsurpassed cooling layers • Excellent customer service • Additional memory foam layers included

The protective cover was annoying for some reviewers

The Tempur-Breeze is perfect for those who are overheated in the middle of the night – the incomparable cooling layers prevent you from waking up to a sweat puddle.

2. Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Breeze mattress

Overheating in the middle of the night is a one-way street for bad sleep – the Tempur-Breeze mattress will hopefully cure you of your night sweats with its unrivaled cooling layers.

  • Sleep factor:
    Good for any sleeper who overheats at night and has back pain
Countless people have problems when they overheat at night – they are not alone, we swear.
If you too are drenched in sweat at sunrise, Tempur-Pedic may be the solution you need.
"Our breeze mattresses were developed in our thermal laboratory to control the microclimate between your mattress and your covers for a cooler, deeper sleep all night," claims the bed brand on its website. "Research has shown that a cooler sleeping environment helps you fall asleep faster and fall asleep longer without turning and throwing … for better sleep quality."
Thanks to the three separate cooling layers in this mattress, you will feel more comfortable when lying down – one for immediate cooling, the next for maintaining this coolness and another for extreme breathability (which) allows warmth that normally trapped under the covers, is routed outside the mattress. Below that are three more layers of comfortable and supportive memory foam to complete the quality of the mattress.
This reviewer praised the cooling system of the mattress and the customer experience:

"We sleep a third of our lives and with the Pro-Breeze breeze [sic] I just bought 30 more years. The cooling comfort and the support from the mattress is literally a cool breeze that takes me to cloud 9. What a wonderful quality product and the excellent customer service that I got from the support team are just excellent. "

Suitable for any sleeping position • Stay cool through the night • Zoned support layers minimize pain

No matter how you sleep, you will find comfort in Casper's rounded original mattress.

3. The Original Casper Mattress

Comfort, durability and versatility make the Casper Original Mattress a great choice for all types of sleepers.

  • Sleep factor:
    All types of sleepers who want both support and cooling
Comfort, durability, natural cooling and simple set up make the original Casper mattress a great choice for restful sleep regardless of your sleeping position.
This Casper mattress is ideal for back, side and stomach sleepers and has three layers of foam, each of which offers additional full-body comfort. The top layer is soft and is made of cooling, breathable Airscape material to keep night sweats at bay. The second support layer in zones minimizes pain by weighing your natural curves and support pressure points, and the base layer rounds off the comfort factor. Strengthen the layers above and minimize the sinking and sagging while you fall asleep. Due to its durable construction, it is a little firmer than all other online memory foam mattresses – so be careful if you want a super soft mattress with a lot of flexibility. If you are, Casper may not be for you.
The high-quality memory foam layers are not the only advantage of the Casper mattress. It has a sturdy, removable cover made from recycled water bottles that will withstand years of wear (and a 10-year warranty if it doesn't). Do you need support with the assembly of the mattress? Casper offers an in-home setup, where the team delivers the mattress to you by hand, assembles all the products that need to be assembled, and removes all packaging as soon as they're ready so you can use your mattress immediately.
If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can contact Casper for fast and helpful customer service, many of whom claim to be the top tier in solving customer problems.
Paul, a Casper customer, writes:

"From the delivery of the box to the magical unfolding of the king-size mattress to the first time you lie on the bed, everything smiles here! I have traveled to work for years and have often slept night after night on different beds in different hotels. None of these beds are comparable to our Casper mattress and I probably tried them all. Every time I climb into bed I smile and tell my wife that I love our mattress. I think , You will love it too. "

Three layers of foam for contouring and comfort • Compatible with most bed types • Guaranteed forever

You have to set it up yourself – although it's not too difficult

You will feel like you are sleeping on a cloud with the nectar mattress because it has three layers of foam and a breathable cover for optimal comfort.

4. The nectar mattress

With the nectar mattress you have the feeling of sleeping on a cloud, because it has three foam layers and a breathable cover for optimal comfort.

  • Sleep factor:
    Good for back, side and stomach sleepers
Wouldn't it be nice to lie down on a cloud? The nectar mattress comes close to this dream with its advanced comfort features.
Three layers of foam ensure the cozy magic. An adaptive high-core memory foam layer supports your body without sinking, a gel memory foam distributes your weight evenly and a quilted gel memory foam increases breathability and air circulation.
Sweat can interfere with your sleep routine, but this online mattress keeps it in check with its Tencel cooling cover. This fabric wicks away heat and sweat so you can rest at the right body temperature.
Setup is easy for any Nectar mattress. All you have to do is remove the packaging and plastic cover, let the mattress expand, and then use it on your bed. You have to do minimal effort.
When it comes to guarantees, Nectar is at the forefront. There's a guarantee forever (no, we're not kidding!). So if you bought a mattress, use it and it will wear out over time. Nectar replaces the mattress free of charge.
Paul H., a Nectar customer, writes:

“I have had the Nectar mattress for about eight months and it is the best purchase I have made for my back. The last mattresses I used slept well for about 5.5 to 6 hours and then the back pain would set in and I knew it was time to get up. I just don't want to get up with Nectar !! I sleep all night. I changed my sleeping habits, went to bed earlier to rest and wake up rejuvenated. It may sound clichéd to some, and I think it does the same for me, but I honestly have to say that this mattress changed the way I sleep and wake up every morning. “

Suitable for every sleeping style • Flip with seven versatile layers • Copper-enriched layers for additional support

Turning around may feel like a chore for some – but we can't have it all, can we?

Layla's unique foldable, copper-enriched mattress offers something for every person and every sleeping position, whether you prefer softness or firmness.

5. Layla Flippable Hybrid Mattress

Layla's Hybrid Mattress aims to please everyone, and it is hard for us to say that this is not the case – it is suitable for any sleeping position and any preference for firmness / softness.

  • Sleep factor:
    Best for sleepers who change their sleeping position regularly
Layla is newer to the online mattress scene than Casper, Purple and other major brands. But they have revitalized the category with their flippable hybrid mattress, which is supposed to offer a solution for a variety of sleep disorders. Two unique features distinguish Layla's mattress from the others: its maneuverability and copper infusion.
The fact that the Layla hybrid bed can be turned over and used in different ways makes it a breeze for those who change their sleeping position at short notice. Fancy a softer mattress one night, but a firmer one the next? Layla is both – all you have to do is turn around.
These layers, enriched with copper, result in a specially developed pocket coil system that provides improved support, regardless of which side you end up sleeping on.
This is how Layla describes every single layer of the mattress:

  1. Cover (soft side) : A super soft fabric, breathable material, integrated handles for easy turning and zipper for easy removal for cleaning.
  2. Copper-Gel Memory Foam: A 2.5-inch layer of soft and soft memory foam for those who want the soft side, the fast cooling and heat transfer of the body, the variable support for deep compression areas and an antimicrobial odor control prefer fresh sleep.
  3. Max Airflow Support Foam : 2-inch layer of deep channels for maximum cooling and a zoned surface modification technology (SMT) for individual support to adapt to the body of each individual.
  4. Infinity Edge, individually packed spool system : Thick 6-inch layer of spools with pockets for maximum motion control and a double spool circumference for superior edge support.
  5. Another foam layer with maximum airflow support
  6. Another copper-gel storage foam
  7. Cover (fixed side) : A super soft fabric, breathable material, integrated handles for easy turning and Zipper for easy removal for cleaning.

Two different strength options • Four support layers • Eco-friendly foam • Generous trial version and guarantee

Could be too tight for most Memory Foam fans

If you like a firm mattress with additional support and contouring so that you don't wake up in pain, Loom & Leaf will give you the results you want.

6. Saatva Loom & Leaf Mattress

Loom & Leaf is a rounded, environmentally friendly memory foam mattress that helps those who prefer firmness and support to get a good night's sleep.

  • Sleep factor:
    Good for all sleeping positions and for those who prefer additional support during sleep
Probably the most remarkable thing about Saatva's high density Loom & Leaf mattress is that it offers two different firmness options: firm and the more popular relaxed firmness.
If you're on the heavier side, you know that memory foam beds are usually also a little on the soft side, which causes you to sink too far into bed – a one-way street for back pain. The Loom & Leaf compensates for this with its special high-density foam construction, which keeps the mattress soft, but also provides sufficient support regardless of its size. Because of its durable design, you will also find that the bed does not sag or empty over time, which helps to maintain its supportive properties.
The Loom & Leaf can achieve all this support in just four layers:

  1. Quilted organic cotton cover: Soft and flame-retardant outer layer to keep you safe and comfortable.
  2. Cooling layer: Made from Saatvas spine gel and breathable foam to keep you cool with optimal lumbar support.
  3. Eco-friendly foam layer: Five pounds of cuddly, supportive, environmentally friendly memory foam that's naturally cool. [19659061] Breathable support layer: Firm, multi-layer support foam for additional depth contouring.

In addition, you receive a free delivery with white gloves, a 15-year guarantee and a generous 120 day trial.

Beehive layer for improved alignment of the spine and pressure relief • 20-year guarantee • Comfortable, deep contouring • Plant-based cooling layer

Some reviewers said that their beds sag, but that was not that common in our research

The Amerisleep brings the best of both worlds to the table – it is comfortable, supportive and perfect for sleepers in the middle of the street who want softness and firmness at the same time.

7. Amerisleep AS3

Can't decide if you prefer support or softness in your mattress? The Amerisleep AS3 offers both improved pressure relief, alignment of the spine and natural cooling.

  • Sleep factor:
    Ideal for all sleeping positions as well as for those who want something in the middle of support and softness
The Amerisleep AS3 is perfect for the intermediate sleeper – the sleeper who likes a little firmness but also a little softness. Comfort, but also plenty of support. It's not always easy to find the best of both worlds, but Amerisleep does.
The AS3 also shines in the nightly relaxation department with targeted pressure relief, which is beneficial for athletes, those who require physical work, and those of us who simply tend to experience joint pain due to regular daily tasks. It reacts faster than your usual memory foam and offers better pain relief and better rebound (so you don't feel "stuck" while resting).
The medium feels just right by combining support and softness evenly with its hive layer, which adapts to your body and relieves pain-causing pressure points. With additional support under the head, back and legs, you'll also experience improved spine alignment (and additional cushioning under your hips and shoulders).
The Amerisleep AS3 also uses an environmentally friendly, bio-pure, plant-based material that keeps you cool all night. Its open-cell design allows more air to escape than with conventional foam, making it effortlessly breathable and effectively discharging warm air
The mattress is also durable – it has an industry-leading 20-year warranty, a 100-night trial, and a guarantee against weak spots or sagging.
If you're looking for a mattress that sits well at the interface of support and comfort, you won't go wrong with the Amerisleep AS3.

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