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The best OnePlus 7T cases to protect your phone over a period of years

OnePlus updates its range twice a year, with the T-Update landing in later months. However, you have to be stupid enough to believe that you need to update your OnePlus phone so many times. The OnePlus 7T is the latest addition to the standard range. It's a powerful flagship with a beautiful look and a strong camera that is offered for hundreds of dollars less than the competition. Take good care of it, and there is no reason why the OnePlus 7T should not last for years.

Of course, much of a phone's long storage is protection against physical damage, and there is no better way to do that than with a protective cover. But which case is the best for you? There is a lot to offer, from thin, transparent enclosures to large, sturdy covers. We reviewed the cases offered and introduced some of the key options we found. Here are some of the best OnePlus 7T cases to keep your phone safe.

Olixar Ultra-Thin Clear Case

  Best OnePlus 7T Cases olixar

OnePlus seems to specialize in beautiful phones, and the OnePlus 7T is no exception. So there is no judgment here if the idea of ​​covering your phone behind a suitcase will make you shy away from horror. Luckily you do not have to. The ultra-thin case of Olixar is completely clear, so the good look of your phone is not affected. Of course, that means you're giving up some protection, and this case does not offer the same security as a bulky case. Nevertheless, the TPU offers enough daily protection against impact and keeps dirt out of your OnePlus 7T. Although this is not a hike, it is still a good choice.

Anccer Colorful Series Slim Hard Case

  best oneplus 7t cases anccer

Soft TPU is not for everyone, and if you like it thin But what a tough case, then take a look at Ancher's latest colorful series. The hard polycarbonate case should withstand scratches and dirt, and the gritty surface should also make it easier to grasp. A slight increase around the camera protects this vulnerable area from damage, while selecting the colors allows you to choose a style that suits you. The downside is that the hard material does not absorb shock very well, so it's not really a clumsy case – but it's thin, lightweight and available in a delightful color palette.

Lifeepro Leather-style Wallet Case

  best oneplus 7t cases lifeepro

If you do not want to carry a wallet, wallet, or phone, a wallet is just the thing for you. This wallet has a number of card slots where you can store cash or your credit cards so you can leave additional accessories behind. It's made of PU leather that's tough, durable and easy to clean – but it's absolutely not genuine leather, not for that price. The front cover will fold over the screen when not in use. This keeps it protected and can also be folded behind the phone. This creates a stand that lets you easily watch videos. It's good value for money and perfect for giving your phone a certain chic style.

Orzero Carbon Case

  Best One Plus 7t Orzero Cases

We love carbon fiber. It is the material of the future – light but extremely strong. It is a favorite of science fiction and is therefore often used in cases. Well, carbon fiber style anyway. While not imitating reality, this Orzero case is a good choice with a carbon fiber reinforced fabric over hard polycarbonate and a softer TPU frame. The combination of materials makes this bag well protected against a variety of threats, while the cloth feels comfortable to the touch. The edges are reinforced while the camera lens is also raised to protect it from dirt and scratches. It's expensive for a case like this, mind you, but the two-layer protection is solid it's just fitting that we end up with one. The shockproof shell of Feiteng is due to the thick black bumper on the edge at first glance not suitable for a clear shell. However, the hard-polycarbonate back panel is completely clear and lets your phone shine through. This material combination is impressive and offers protection against falls, bumps, scratches and much more. It's relatively thin and light for the protection it offers, and the best part is that it's not that expensive.

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