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The best slack tips and tricks

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If you've ever worked in an office or in a company with a lot of employees, chances are you've already used Slack – or at least heard about it. Slack is a popular workstation messaging app with unsurpassed app integration, changing the dynamics of workplace communication quickly and easily.

The basics of the app are easy to learn, but there are plenty of tricks to get the most out of your slack experience. How can this type of billing post GIFs find messages so quickly, or can your boss find messages without looking through the month's logs? We show you how ̵

1; read on for all the details.

Adjust Your Notifications

Although Slack can help you feel better in your office, it can quickly get out of hand if you constantly receive unnecessary updates that distract your attention from the task at hand , By customizing your Slack notifications, especially for the less relevant channels you still want to participate in, you can focus on your actual work without worrying about who stole, who was eating lunch, or another interdepartmental one Stole drama.

To access your notification settings, click on your team name in the top left corner of the desktop app and select Preference s. Notification settings are the first tab. In the mobile app, tap the three vertical dots in the upper-right corner of your screen and click Settings at the bottom of the resulting menu. Notifications should be the third tab from the top.

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Allows you to select what types of alerts (if any) you want to receive on your desktop or mobile device. You can customize by channel so that you only receive notifications for messages that are of concern to you or your team. Keyword-specific notifications notify you when a specific word or phrase appears in your feed. You can also control how notifications are displayed by changing or muting their sounds. The preview of messages can also be disabled to increase security. However, this option is only available in the desktop version of the app.

If you really need to focus, the Slack DND feature can be a real lifesaver. DND stores all incoming notifications as long as the feature is enabled. It's also easy to set up: just press the bell icon next to your team name and select the duration for which you want to activate it. You can also set a DND schedule to ensure that you do not receive notifications outside working hours. If a team member sends you a direct message while in DND mode, he or she will receive a message from Slack informing them. If it's urgent, they can still enforce the notification so that they are never completely out of reach.

Create a Unique Workspace

It is likely that you will spend a considerable amount of time in Slack after you have perfected your notification scheme. Why not spice things up and give your workplace more personality? While many of these adjustments depend on your company's slack policies, you can at least change the color of your desktop design (because only you can see) in the same window as your notification preferences.

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If your business wants to make you more relaxed (haha), there are several other ways to zhuzh your workplace. Click on your team name again and press Adjusting Slack at the bottom of the menu. This will open a window in your browser where you can customize the emojis of your workstation, load messages, and Slackbot responses (assuming you have access). While you can definitely go the silly ways and fill them with witty additions and jokes, certain settings, especially slackbot, can be very useful by providing links or answers to frequently asked questions.

A good example of using Slackbot for the general public sets up an answer so that Slack automatically tells them the password when someone types in "Wi-Fi password" or "What's the Wi-Fi password?". In this way, you do not have to waste time typing it in for every new employee or forgetful employee.

Get Order

While Slack can be fun in many ways and keep you up to date on work after work, it's primarily a way to stay organized and collaborate with your peers communicate important projects. From asterisk channels and files to markup, as important to customizing your sidebar to your needs, there are many simple ways to make your work easily accessible – an unfilled star located just below the channel name at the top of the screen. Once the star is highlighted, it turns yellow and can be easily deactivated by clicking again. Marked channels are moved over your channel list in your sidebar. To mark a message, hover the mouse over the message to bring up a small pop-up menu. Then click on the star button. These differ slightly from the asterisked channels and are clearly listed in one place to make post-production a breeze. Just click on the star icon in the upper right corner to see all your selected messages.

The activity icon just to the left of your asterisked messages displays the latest mentions and reactions to your messages. You can also pin messages to a channel that are meaningful to everyone (since tagged messages apply only to you) by selecting More options in the hoverover menu that appears and then Pin to # [19659019]. You can also set reminders by clicking on the same menu at or by using the / remind command to remind your teammates that they still need to respond. If you only need one place to write down work-related thoughts, you can also send a message directly.

Making Slack easier to navigate

There are many buttons visible in the Slack interface and workspace. There could also be many users and channels that make things confusing. Familiarizing yourself with certain keyboard shortcuts (often called by pressing "ctrl") in the app's environment will definitely be helpful. For example, pressing Ctrl + K calls the Quick Switcher, which gives you access to any channel you already own. To return to the previous channel, press "Alt" and the left arrow ("Cmd + ["onaMac)Youcanalsoeasilyedityourlastmessageupsidedownandmakeanychanges

Install apps

What distinguishes Slack from other desktop apps and messengers is the ability to connect to third party providers To make apps that you use. like Google Drive, Asana and Dropbox already in use. Not only does this make it easier to get your work done without constantly having to go through other platforms for links, it also makes your experience with Slack a little more seamless, as your published links appear in the app's interface. Monitoring tools such as PagerDuty, Statsbot and Trello can also reduce information barriers at your workplace. You can also set up spoiler alerts and other apps to make your Slack community more interesting and inclusive.

In addition to the many great productivity apps, the best way to integrate Workplace Messenger is to seamlessly integrate with Giphy, an online database of gifs that can give your workday the stupidity you need and break through the text wall in your feed. How can you use this integration without searching the Giphy home page for the perfect GIF? Just type "/ giphy", a space and the keyword you want to search for (example: "/ giphy cats") in the message field of the channel where you want to publish a gif. Most workplaces put an age limit on this integration – if not, we recommend it – so that no inappropriate gifs get into your workspace.

Other Lesser Known Features

Other lesser-known features of the app include its ability to make audio and video calls to any user at work. Click on its name and select . Call in her profile. To clean up your screen, try "/ collapse" and "/ expand". This will either reduce or extend all attachments in this channel. You can also keep your place in a channel by pressing "Alt" and clicking on a specific message to mark it as unread (and any subsequent messages). A long press will show the same options in the mobile app.

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Knowing the difference between @channel and @here is also important in order not to disturb the annoyance of all users of the app. Using the @channel command is probably best used in emergency situations, such as For example, if your website is inactive. This is because every channel in that channel is notified regardless of its time zone or DND is enabled. The @ here command is a far better alternative if you're trying to grab users' attention because it only notifies the online user.

Using the cheat sheet to format messages that appears below the message box when you start typing and the search bar when you need to find a message are useful tools that are not commonly used. There are even some advanced search options that help you find what you are looking for.

From custom loading messages to keyboard shortcuts, there are many ways to customize your Slack experience. Just make sure that you actually leave some time for work.

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