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The best sunrise alarm clock for 2020

I recently started waking up to the soft orange light and the sound of waves crashing off a sunrise alarm clock and a sunrise alarm clock my morning Has never been better Until I threw off my traditional alarm clock for a sunrise, I never realized how awful it was wake up to loud, incessant beeps and struggle with the snooze button.

Not only am I happier when I wake up feeling like I slept better, but I also feel like my days have been more productive. Morning exposure to artificial light can improve cognitive performance throughout the day, according to a small study in the journal Behavioral Brain Research. Maybe my reaction isn̵

7;t just a placebo effect. Even if it’s a placebo, I believe I’m now stuck on sunrise alarm clocks.

Jamie Gold, a wellness design consultant and author, tells CNET that she came across these type of noise-optional alarm clocks while investigating noise exposure. Creating or restoring bedrooms in ways that reduce noise pollution and improve sleep is a crucial part of wellness design, the practice of designing a space for the promotion of physical and emotional health, she says.

“Our lives and homes are full of noise, and this can lead to insomnia, anxiety, and stress,” says Gold. “I love the idea of ​​these silent alarm clocks to adjust to our natural rhythms and start our days more calmly. Some heavy sleepers may need a more powerful alarm system, but if you aren’t one of them, it’s definitely a solution worth considering.”

If you want to avoid the beeps for good and start your morning after a good night’s sleep with natural looking light and nature sounds, try our pick for the best sunrise alarm clock: One is the sunrise simulation clock I use every day. and others are recommended by experts and reviewers on Amazon. Take a close look at the functions of each of these clocks – a sleep timer, a snooze function, some can even be used as a reading lamp. Once you’ve battled your perfect sunrise simulation watch, you’ll enjoy deep sleep and better mornings. This list is updated regularly.


Philips offers a range of helpful sleep products, from anti-snoring aids to full sleep apnea treatments to sunrise simulation alarm clocks. Not one but two experts recommended the Philips SmartSleep Wake Up Light to me: Maggie Berghoff, a working nurse, recommends this product to her patients who need help waking up every day before sunrise.

“This will artificially stimulate the sunrise in your bedroom in order to set your daily rhythm, your body’s biological clock, correctly, even though you have to wake up when it’s still dark outside,” says Berghoff. “This is very important for maintaining energy in the morning and during the day, the quality of sleep at night and metabolic health.”

It’s also helpful if you don’t want to rely on loud alarm tones when you wake up, says Berghoff, and want a very gentle and natural wake up in the morning.

Dr. Erica Matluck, a naturopathic doctor, tells CNET that she likes the SmartSleep Wake Up Light because it has multiple settings, including brightness settings for sunrise and sunset, a light therapy lamp, and natural sounds for sleeping and waking up. “In my practice, I recommend this type of alarm clock for a variety of reasons, and often people’s needs and preferences change over time,” she says. “With a large number of settings, the product remains relevant for the patient, even if their needs change.”


This is the sunrise simulation alarm clock that changed my mornings for the better (much, much better). It’s a relatively high quality choice, but well worth it. With the Lumie Bodyclock Shine 300, I can adjust the setting for the colored sunrise simulation from 15 to 90 minutes and choose from 15 high-quality alarm sounds at the set alarm time – I am a fan of the waves and blackbirds.

You can adjust the brightness settings on the sunrise simulator so that the final intensity is perfect for you: not so dark that you don’t wake up, but not so bright that you blink. You can also set daily or weekly recurring alarms, and there’s a snooze button with tap control (though I haven’t had to use that yet, even though I snooze on my phone every morning).

In addition to all of these sunrise features, the Lumie also lets you fall asleep. It doubles as a white noise machine, and the watch also lets you set a sunset simulation. First adjust the light to the desired intensity, then press the sunset button and relax as the light slowly fades. I use the sunset simulation whenever I feel like I’m having trouble falling asleep. So far it seems to have helped every time.


If you’re not ready to spend $ 100 or more on a sunrise alarm clock just yet, this budget-friendly sunrise simulation clock from Jall should do the trick. It has all the basics and makes for a customizable sunrise: choose from 7 colors and 20 levels of brightness to end your sunrise, plus seven natural sounds to accompany the light. You can also turn on FM radio.

The Jall Wake Up Light sunrise alarm clock doubles as a night light and bedside lamp, and you can adjust the brightness for both. It doesn’t have a sunset feature like some of the others on this list, nor does it act as a white noise machine – but if you just want the sunrise feature, it doesn’t matter.

The majority of reviewers on Amazon love this watch: it has 4.8 stars and almost 100% of the reviews are cheap. It seems that most of the people who bought this watch were looking for a less abrupt way to wake up and the Jall Wake Up Light did the trick for them. Buyers also love that it’s easy to set up and simple enough for kids to work on their own.


The Lumie Bodyclock Rise 100 is a simpler version of the Lumie Shine 300. It is a high-quality alarm clock for the sunrise simulator with an intro level for people who are only looking for the essentials: the Lumie Rise 100 offers a 30-minute sunrise with the option to set the final light intensity. You can also program a sunset to help you fall asleep.

The Lumie Rise 100 does not have nature or ambient sounds that can add to your sunrise and sunset. However, you can program the optional beep alarm to start when your sunrise reaches maximum light intensity. Like the Lumie Shine 300, the Lumie Rise 100 also has a snooze function with tap control and an automatically dimming display.


If you already have a bedside lamp, you can make a DIY sunrise alarm clock by replacing regular lightbulbs with smart lightbulbs from Lifx. These Wi-Fi enabled lights connect to Alexa, Google Assistant, Cortana and Apple HomeKit. You can program them to dim and brighten when you fall asleep or wake up like sunrise and sunset.

You won’t hear a sound of course, but if you’re a relatively light sleeper who wakes up with changing lights, these programmable lightbulbs will still get you up in the morning. You can also combine with Lifx light panels and strips in fun colors for the coolest faux sunrise ever. Read the CNET review on Lifx Mini Smart Bulbs.

And if you want a wider selection (not just sunrise clocks) check out our separate list of them best alarm clocks for 2020. And if you want to sleep well, check this out best mattresses You can buy online and the best pillow also.

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