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The best tips for working from home for Mac

As more and more people are forced to work from home, many people have to quickly adapt to their work in a new way. If that sounds like you and you need help to work efficiently with your Mac from home, you've come to the right place.

We've put together a number of tips and tricks to make working at home as easy as possible, as well as some recommendations on the best Mac apps to get you started in your new situation. Before you know it, you will feel at home in both senses.

Use screen time to keep to a schedule.

  How to use screen time on a Mac.

Apple's Screen Time app comes with your Mac (as long as you work on MacOS Catalina), which is a good thing because it's one of the best tools you can use to manage your time when you're at home work. It has a number of features that limit distractions while ensuring that you don't become a total hermit.

Open System Settings and then click the screen time . Button. The first screen shows you how to spend your time on your Mac. Then you would like to click on the App Limits button in the left column. Click the + button here and select an app or category that you want to restrict. For example, check the box next to "Games" and choose how long you want to play games per day. You can choose a flat-rate amount or adjust it for each day. This is useful when you are tempted to seek distractions and need Screen Time to intervene and focus on you.

Screen Time is not only useful to keep distractions at bay. An important part of working from home is to take a break. If you only work, you will be burned out quickly. In the screen time, click Downtime in the left column, and then click Turn On . You can now set a distance from your screen that can be the same every day or vary every day. Your Mac will warn you when this time is approaching. When you reach the scheduled start time, all apps except those in the Always Allowed list of screen time (plus phone calls) are blocked, prompting you to move away from your screen and take a break.

Use Sidecar to get more work space

  Sidecar | MacOS Catalina Hands-on

Depending on your workspace, you may switch from a large monitor in your office to a much smaller display or laptop at home. This reduction in screen space can make your work feel much tighter and more uncomfortable because everything is squeezed properly.

However, if you have an iPad, Apple has a solution in the form of Sidecar, a new feature in MacOS Catalina. This way you can connect your iPad to your Mac and run it as a second screen. So you can move apps and windows to your iPad and clean up your crowded workspace.

You can also mirror your Mac's display to your iPad instead of extending it. If you have an Apple Pencil, it means that you can draw or write on your iPad and view it on a work on your Mac – this is especially good if your work includes illustrations or extensive notes.

Don & # 39; Don't have a MacOS Catalina? Don't worry – Duet Display is an alternative app that turns your iPad into a second screen and even works with your iPhone (something Sidecar doesn't). Try it out if Sidecar is not available.

Use split view for more multitasking.

If your screen area feels tight, split view is an easy way to access multiple apps in one screen. It's easy: just find the M aximize button (the green one) at the top of your window. If you click and hold, you have the option to use full screen mode or the tile on the left or right. If you select either left or right, the window will be locked there and you can choose another app to fill the opposite side.

From there, you can use these two apps side by side, which should be really helpful with productivity and multitasking. It can even be helpful to open two instances of the same app using split view, e.g. B. two Chrome tabs.

You can also adjust the proportions with the divider in the middle. Just click and drag to get more from one side or the other.

Get This Important Calendar App

  Fantastical 3 for Mac

If you want to manage your day effectively on your Mac, a few thirds – party apps can make a real difference, and one of the best is Fantastic . This calendar app has long been a Mac user favorite and combines a beautiful, focused design with a variety of features that are perfect when you work from home.

Getting started is super easy, which is essential for you. Try to adapt to your new work environment. Fantastic understands the natural language, which means that you can enter "video call with Marisa tomorrow at 3:00 pm". and Fantastical plan the event without further input.

It easily integrates with a variety of other accounts, including iCloud, Outlook, Zoom, Todoist, and more, and has its own reminder system. It can show you the weather in front of you, is infinitely adjustable and even offers options for "interesting" calendars such as TV programs and moon phases. It's all you need to plan your work effectively from home.

Remember your key tasks with GoodTask


If you spend time working from home, it can be easy to turn it into a piece of work that you do about everything else forget what you have to do. In times like these, it's good to have a reminder app on hand to make sure you don't forget anything, whether it's daily tasks or upcoming work commitments.

Our choice is GoodTask . While Apple has revised its own Reminders app in MacOS Catalina, it still leaves something to be desired, but GoodTask is everything that Reminders should be. Getting started is easy, with a clear user interface and easy-to-understand controls, but there's a lot of performance under the hood if you need a little more. Everything can be customized to your preferences, making it far more flexible than many of its competitors.

It is syncing with iCloud and Outlook / Exchange. This means that not only will all existing reminders and calendar events be imported, but also if you add one, the reminder with Siri (which currently only works with Apple's reminders) will be synced with GoodTask, giving you another great way to manage your reminders . Given all that it offers and how easy it is to use, it's no surprise that it's on our list of the best Mac apps you can get.

Get a Thunderbolt 3 Dock

Instead of buying a couple of dongles and adapters, you are better off investing in a decent Thunderbolt 3 dock. Only one of the ports on your MacBook gives you access to USB-A, HDMI, SD card readers, and anything else you might need to set up your workspace for productivity. Since it's Thunderbolt 3, you can power up to 4K monitors with no problems. It also ensures an extremely clean desk.

There are all types of docks and hubs, but our favorite is the CalDigit TS3 . It provides access to every port you can think of and the reliability you need.

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