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The big gaming push from Snapchat could be just around the corner

It has been rumored for some time that Snapchat wants to implement gaming in some form. It may be a bit strange to think of Snapchat turning into games, but it's not weird. Snapchat's biggest competitor, Facebook, has always focused on games with Messenger, so Snapchat may even be looking to implement its own games in the field. Today we learn that launching Snapchat games could be just around the corner.

A new report claims today that Snapchat may launch its gaming platform as early as next month. This platform is referred to internally as the "Project Cognac" and contains at least some of the games created by third-party developers and developed for the Snapchat app.

Today's report is from Cheddar, who spoke to an anonymous source familiar with Snapchat's plans. According to this source, Snapchat's new gaming platform will be officially unveiled at a Los Angeles April 4 summit. It seems that this summit is becoming an industry affair with developers and content partners, and Cheddar claims to have seen an invitation to the event with the slogan "talk less". Play more. "

The report did not provide insight into the type of games we'll be seeing on Snapchat, but they're likely to be relatively small and straightforward, just like the titles we often see on Messenger. Snapchat has to contend with a fierce competition from Facebook and Instagram, so it can use games as a way to attract new users, and as an additional form of monetization. If games end up looking at the app, Snapchat considers it a win.

We will soon realize how accurate this report is, as the alleged summit of Snapchat is scheduled in a few weeks. While we wait for April 4 to roll around, head over to the comment section and let us know if you spend some time playing games in Snapchat.

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