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The Black Box by Apple Arcade – TechCrunch

Apple Arcade is a new kind of App Store. One in which versatile, Indian and original content can shine. A place where gamers can play without being followed by advertising or spent on in-app purchases. Unlike the original App Store, however, the marketplace of Apple Arcade is a black box. There's no way for consumers or developers to figure out if Arcade is producing a breakout hit game or which app is being played by everyone.

This is because Apple Arcade has jettisoned one of the core components of the App Store: the Top Charts

Traditionally, in the top charts of the App Store, downloads, speed, and other signals, which Apple has never published, highlighted which games are the most popular. In the main App Store, users can browse these top rated apps and games, including free and paid songs. And APIs give app store intelligence companies like App Annie, Sensor Tower and others access to even more data ̵

1; such as world-class apps and games.

However, after launching the Apple Arcade Subscription Service, these companies shared with TechCrunch: Apple does not publish data that vendors would normally have access to to generate estimates of downloads and revenue. There are some expectations that may change over time, but it is not clear if or when this will happen.

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