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The Boys Season 2 Trailer is teasing a bloody superhuman war

Homelander realizes how threatening Stormfront will be.

Homelander realizes how threatening Stormfront will be.
Screenshot:: Amazon Studios

In the coming second season of Amazon The youngStormfront, one of the most fearsome characters in the original comics, is her arrival as New coined member of the seven, the series twisted response to DC’s Justice Justice League and Marvel’s Avengers. But they are all without the public knowing employed in various types of depravity when they’re not in the spotlight.

Though Stormfront is new to tThe Seven, the latest trailer for The young‘The second season makes it clear that she fits her new colleagues exactly. not least because she comes to the team with her own dark ulterior motives that seem to reflect the character’s motivations in the comics. Where comics Stormfront were portrayed as an angry white supremacist invented by German scientists, it seems like she is featured on Amazon The young as an American product designed to collect support for the development of the country’s superhero program.

If Stormfront doesn’t make her teammates uncomfortable stealing all of their thunder (at rallies that feel increasingly like events to convince people to give heroes more powers and rights to enforce the law themselves), The trailer offers brief insights into a whole new group of people with skills that they want to be part of their dream army. Of course, the boys will take the opportunity to attach the screws to the seven and their new powerhouse, but the extent of the destruction the seven intend to wreak will make the boys’ struggle a tough one.

The young Season 2 premieres on September 4.

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