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The brand authority of your startup is important

You may have suspected it for a long time, but the proof is finally here: The authority of your brand reinforces the authority of your content .

It makes sense . People want to trust the creators what they read. It is the difference between a stranger who tells you something and a dear friend who says something else. Whose message do you prefer?

But my team and I wanted to know for sure. That's why we worked with BuzzStream on a project to find out how people assessed the authority of various snippets of the same hypothetical article . The only difference? The source of information.

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Travel and leisure represented the well-known brand opinion, and SummerVacations.com represented the less-known brand opinion.

Look at the discrepancy in perception:

When I saw the results of I made myself Worry About New or Smaller Brands See this and panic, thinking that you would never stand a chance against the big names.

But I am here to tell you that this is not the case .

Here's how how lesser known brands can compete against the giants.

Rely on Research and Data

If you have things as a brand, you're basically asking people to take your word for it.

Unless you have some evidence to provide them to support your claims.

For this reason, so many brands have successfully data-driven content marketing .

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Basically, you're thinking about a common question or a problem in your industry that you want to answer or investigate, and then find a creative way to gain insight through data . You can conduct surveys, analyze publicly available government data social media
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