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The CES 2021 takes place online

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES), long the world’s largest technology fair, will be completely digital in January 2021, the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) said on Monday. The CTA cited the COVID-19 pandemic and concerns about the spread of the virus as the reason for the cancellation of the personal event

The CES usually takes place in Las Vegas and includes many large gatherings in crowded congress halls, as well as smaller meetings between retailers, manufacturers, and other industry professionals.

According to the CTA, the digital CES will be a “new immersive experience”. The organization didn̵

7;t release many details about what the online event will look like, but claims that it will be “highly personalized”. The organization continues to plan CES 2022 in Las Vegas.

The CTA previously planned to hold the CES 2021 in person, with companies having the opportunity to exhibit digitally. Some major conferences scheduled to take place this year have either been canceled or switched to online only experiences.

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