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The cheapest Certified Android TV in India Tech Reviews, Firstpost

A few weeks ago, we reviewed the Onida Google Certified Ultra HD Android TV that boasted of a pure Android experience, a 4K panel and built-in Chromecast support. Today, we have a modest offering from the TCL sub-brand iFFALCON, which claims that the onida did (barring the high-res panel) at almost one-third of its price.

iFFALCON 32F2A Smart TV – Design and build: [/ i]

The iFFALCON 32F2A sports a simple yet elegant all-black design with narrow bezels running along the four sides of the 32-inch screen. The subtly textured bottom bezel that bears the company logo and power LED breaks the monotony without attracting attention. The entire construction is made out of plastic but does not feel cheap. Given its price tag, there's absolutely no reason to complain about the design. Well, the TV is not bulky at all and surprisingly light; not that you are going to lift it too often. Just sharing an observation.

 The TV sports a simple yet elegant design. </p>
<p> The TV can be wall-mounted or placed on a desk using the bundled stands. The pair of plastic stands with a skid-proof base doing a good job of holding the TV firmly in place. The TV sets are much better than the TV. That's a smart design decision. </p>
<h2> iFFALCON 32F2A Smart TV Features and specifications: 9/10 </h2>
<p> The iFFALCON 32F2A has a 32-inch backlit screen with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels and direct. The company claims that the panel supports micro-dimming with 512 separate zones that adjust the brightness and contrast individually. You do not get IPS panel here, but there's hardly any Smart TV in this price bracket that comes with one. It claims to be HDR10 compliant though. A pair of stereo speakers manage to deliver 16 W RMS audio output. </p><div><script async src=

Being a certified Android TV, it runs Android 8.0 Oreo with stock UI and has Google Play Store preinstalled and Chromecast built-in. The TV is powered by a quad-core processor with 1.5GB of RAM and 8GB of internal storage, a chunk of which is taken up by the OS. The specifications look modest but there was no noticeable lag during my testing. Since the TV has built-in Chromecast, YouTube, Hotstar, Sony LIV and many more. The only thing you need to ensure is your phone / tablet and TV are on the same Wi-Fi network.

 Being a certified Android TV design means that you get a very nice Android TV design get a very nice UI and plenty of apps to choose from. </p>
<p> The company has bundled two wireless remote controls with this TV, one of which can accept voice commands. Two pairs of AAA batteries are included in the package. The build quality of both remotes is excellent. The primary has all the necessary controls for the TV along with a dedicated key for Netflix. The second is much smaller but heavier than it is a metal body. It has self-sufficient and allows you to perform all the key functions of this smart TV without the need for the other remote. It is voice-enabled and lets you use the Google Voice Search feature. </p>
<p> This remote has also been assigned to Google Assistant. For the first time, you need to keep it on the screen. </p><div><script async src=

iFFALCON 32F2A Smart TV – Connectivity options: 7.5 / 10

You do not get a massive spread of connectivity options here but all the necessary ones are present and a surprise too. You get 2x HDMI ports, 1x USB port, 1x RJ45 LAN port, 1x A / V in (the necessary cable is bundled) and a headphone out. One of the HDMI ports so supports ARC . The company has also been provided with optical audio out, something I did not expect on a TV like like this. Well done! [19659707] The TV includes all the essential connectivity options, but we do not want them more. ” width=”1280″ height=”720″/>

While the variety of ports is commendable to HDMI and USB port would have been nice.

It may not be a deal breaker in this case, but I would prefer to have an HDMI and USB port each, given the number of devices we have plug into the TV these days. Some of its competitors like Xiaomi and Thomson do provide the extra ports. Strangely, the 32F2A's Predecessor (32F2) has 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports;

Moving on, like all smart TVs, this iFFALCON TV has built-in Wi-Fi and connects at 2.4GHz.

iFFALCON 32F2A Smart TV – Picture quality: 7 / 10

The features and connectivity options are all fine, but they count for nothing. So how good does the picture look on this TV? Simple answer: above average. This is a HD ready TV so I was not expecting any miracles, and none were there. Let me elaborate. The color reproduction is in the best of colors, but the contrast is not the best I have seen. Some scenes in some of my test videos.

If you have a keen eye, the skin tone looks a little flat on this screen, and no amount of adjustment could make it look perfect. These days, the iFFALCON 32F2A does not adjust the picture settings. Though they are not as elaborate as in some older non-smart TVs, you'll get an option to tweak color, sharpness, backlight and color temperature in addition to picture presets. Having said that, this TV belongs to the sub-15K price bracket and its overall picture quality is more than acceptable in this budget.

iFFALCON 32F2A Smart TV – Audio quality: 8/10

The audio output is quite powerful here. It has a total output of 16W RMS. Interestingly, it is louder and clearer than most 20 W RMS sound. During the course of my testing, I never had to cross the halfway mark for volume. No flat screen TV delivers thumping bass and this iFFALCON is no different. ” width=”1280″ height=”720″/>

The remote even has a dedicated Netflix button. ” width=”1280″ height=”720″/>

The remote even has a dedicated Netflix button.

There is one small issue though. Occasionally, the sound feels a bit tinny or metallic, but not all the time. Thankfully, in the case of image quality, this TV provides you with sound adjustments too, including a 5-band equalizer that helps in getting over this drawback to an extent.

iFFALCON 32F2A Smart TV – Overall performance: 8/10

The first time when you switch on the TV from the mains, it takes about 50 seconds to boot up. After that, if you switch off the TV using the remote and put it back on, it barely takes 3 seconds to resume. Even better, if you're streaming a video in a particular app, say Hotstar and you break it and switch the TV off and on the remote, it does not shut down the video or the video. It's a great standby mode, something you've never seen before in smart TVs. TVs going ahead.

Video file format support USB is pretty good but limited to a full HD resolution. It plays every file with various codecs I threw it smoothly through its default player, except 4K videos. 4K video playback through USB has a 32-inch HD-ready display. You can control the playback using the bundled remotes but I noticed a small bug. The dedicated play and break buttons on the main remote do not work when playing videos from USB, but the desired result can be achieved by pressing the OK button. However, these buttons function perfectly fine in streaming services like Netflix and Hotstar.

Other than Amazon Prime Video, IFFALCON TV is Netflix compliant and each of the remotes has a dedicated button to start the app. Most of the streaming services worked fine on this TV. Barring Netflix and YouTube apps for other streaming services are not preinstalled on the 32F2A, but you can easily do it from the Google Play Store that's right out of the box. And there's Chromecast built-in too, so you can cast anything from compatible apps on your phone or tablet to this TV.

iFFALCON 32F2A Smart TV – Price and verdict

The iFFALCON 32F2A can be purchased on Flipkart for just Rs 12,499 with a one-year warranty. That is a great price for the plethora of features that this TV offers. And again, this is a certified Android TV and comes packed with all the perks one associate with the certification, perks like a smooth and clean UI, a recent version of Android, Play Store and Chromecast support, etc. And it's Netflix complaint too, something that its more illustrious counterparts can not brag about. The picture quality is not spectacular, but it is more than decent. All said and done, iFFALCON 32F2A offers great value for money and you get more than what you pay for.

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