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The Chevy Silverado off-road racing program could anticipate a rival to the Ford Raptor

The Silverado SUV is ready to blow up dust.


With the F-150 Raptor Ford's had nearly completed the segment of off-road performance pickups for years. We will not see Ram's rivals for another couple of years, and as for Chevrolet? Chevy was pretty quiet about his own prospects.

However, news about the 2020 Chevy Silverado may be a sign of the future. Chevy announced on Thursday that there will be a full size pickup race in the Best in the Desert series. The Bowtie brand knows a thing or two about the off-road racing series since the Colorado ZR2 was a tour de force in the past few years. The company has consistently used the series to test new power units for trucks as well.

That's what the Silverado will do when it tackles off-road tracks. Chevy explicitly said that this Silverado circuit is used for "engineering and validation". The truck shown here started as a typical Silverado LT Trail Boss with the optional 6.2-liter V8 engine. Optimizations and changes are made to the suspension and the underbody. Of course, there are also race-specific modifications.

The Silverado racing truck in particular will feature prototype new long-stroke suspension, front and rear shock absorbers and Multimatic DSSV dampers. These dampers first appeared in the Colorado ZR2, but Chevy said the prototype had a higher capacity. They help to keep the larger Silverado at bay with greater travel and overall better control.

Rear shock paddles and plates covering most of the underbody complete the Silverado's race-upgraded upgrades.

If there is one thing Motorsports is good for, it is to refine and perfect things for a road vehicle. In a world where there are fewer and fewer cool sedans, Chevy can least give us a powerful boss. We will introduce the Silverado Race Truck later this month at the Laughlin Desert Classic.

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