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The decade of data (2020s) and how it will affect procurement

Both standard and advanced automation tools will reinvent how procurement teams manage and use data in the short term, redefining what procurement teams should focus on and what they need to do to add value over the next decade. In this new “decade of data”, CPOs cannot stand idle. You need to work aggressively to become more data driven to seize this extraordinary opportunity or to be left far behind.

In the next ten years, Ardent Partners predicts that the “big data” of procurement will emerge as a new kind of intelligence that enables Chief Procurement Officers (“CPOs”) to look at their processes differently and to empower and empower the same CPOs to force new and new smarter strategies and approaches to develop. Before you project over the decade how data will affect and transform the job, discuss the importance of data on procurement operations and performance with Andrew Bartolini of Ardent Partners and a special guest from Scout RFP.

  • Learn how leading procurement teams are using their data to switch jobs
  • Find out where best-in-class CPOs are focusing their resources and investments, then listen
  • Projections of how data will affect the procurement function over the next decade

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