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The drum fight between Dave Grohl and 10 year old Nandi Bushell took a delightful turn

In his latest piece in the ongoing rock battle with Nandi Bushell, Dave Grohl improvised a superhero theme song for the viral kid drummer.

10-year-old Bushell has 156,000 subscribers on YouTube and has appeared on Ellen last year. In total, their videos have more than 18 million views. In August, the viral sensation Grohl challenged a virtual drum and called on the “Rock Gods of Old” to strengthen their beats. At the start of the battle, she covered the “Everlong”

; of the Foo Fighters.

Grohl, who received “at least a hundred texts” urging him to respond to Nandi’s challenge, borrowed the drums from his 11-year-old daughter Harper to face his opponent. He said he hasn’t played “Everlong” on the drums since recording the song in 1997.

“You are an incredible drummer, I am really flattered …” said Grohl in his response video. “So today I’m going to give you something that you may not have heard before.”

Then he started a drum cover of the song “Dead End Friends” by Them Crooked Vultures and asked Nandi to do a duet with him.

Bushell mastered the cover in less than a week and posted their duet on Twitter. The video already has 1.4 million views.

“The old rock gods are happy!” Bushell has subtitled the video.

Grohl would not be one, however. For the second round of this virtual rock battle, he put on another of his endless flannel shirts and wrote a theme song “out of his head” for Bushell. With his daughters (The Grohlettes) in the background, he increases their ability to play any song and predicts that she will “save the world with rock and roll”.

“Supergirl number one, best drummer in the world,” sings Grohl, followed by The Grohlettes. “Always on time, hero prodigy.”

The personalized theme song left Bushell speechless. In a reaction video she posted on YouTube on Monday, an enthusiastic Bushell yells, “He wrote a song about it me!”

“”We should take care of it, “she added after thanking Grohl.” All instruments! We will cover all instruments. Let’s start!”

One thing is certain: Nandi Bushell will not back down from a challenge. We’ll see an incredible response from her soon.

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