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The fans of Game of Thrones die for a season 8 trailer

Can we get a trailer?

Helen Sloane / HBO

We could hear it as if dragon wings were blowing. It was time. At first we hoped that the Super Bowl would bring the trailer. Then Oscars Night came and went. Now it's February 26 and there's still no real trailer for HBO's Game of Thrones last season. Fans of ice and fire do not take it well.

Game of Thrones returns on April 1

4 for Season 8 making fans angry. It is so close.

A Twitter bet compared the number of trailers we receive for Marvel products with those we receive for Game of Thrones. There is a bit of inequality.

HBO threw a few quick glances at Season 8 in a teaser for several shows on Sunday, but it was not enough. "Twitter literally goes crazy for over three seconds of new Arya content, Imagine you've dropped the entire trailer, HBO," a fan tweeted, telling us what everyone's talking about.

Twitter user Gotmemesworld has highlighted our plight of the meager teasing we've received so far. It also reminds us of the collective sigh of exacerbation that we all spat out when HBO and Bud Light issued a hilarious Super Bowl commercial with a beer knight and no information from Season 8.

Some people are still trying to predict when the trailer will arrive despite our previous failures for the Super Bowl and the Oscars.

Emmy Griffiths, film and TV editor, has cracked the numbers and believes we'll get the trailer before the end of this week. "I have by no means obsessively studied old correlations between GoT trailers and premiere dates to come to this conclusion," she jokes.

The marketing ties have swarmed around us like the White Walkers' death army. In addition to Bud Light, we learned that the biscuit maker Oreo will offer some sweets from the Game of Thrones range. Oreo tweeted, "Cookies are coming."

The Official Account of Game of Thrones responded with "House Oreo". Well, that sounds like a house worth listening to.

HBO could get away with never releasing a trailer for last season. Nobody will boycott the show because they did not get enough shots of angry dragons, frozen dead and swordfights.

So pour a Bud Light and turn on an Oreo while you wait. HBO has to send out the trailer by raven and somewhere over Westeros he has been lost.

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