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The FBI issues an Apple arrest warrant to obtain the U.S. Senator’s iCloud data

Apple has received an arrest warrant from the FBI for information about the iCloud account of Senator Richard Burr, chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee, which is under investigation for controversial stock trades related to the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the Los Angeles timesFBI agents have served Apple̵

7;s warrant “in the past few days” to gain access to “iCloud” data. The information gathered from the warrant’s enforcement was then used as evidence to serve another warrant to get the Republican Senator’s iPhone from home.

Federal agents confiscated a prominent Republican senator’s cell phone on Wednesday night as part of the Department of Justice’s investigation into controversial stock trades he conducted when the novel corona virus first hit the U.S., a police officer said. North Carolina Senator Richard Burr, the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, handed over his phone to agents after issuing a warrant to the legislature at his Washington, DC residence, the official said on condition of anonymity to discuss the matter a law enforcement measure.

According to the report, the senator is under investigation because he sold a significant percentage of his equity portfolio in 33 different transactions on February 13, just when his committee received COVID 19 briefings daily and a week before the stock market contracted sharply.

The value of the trades is believed to be between $ 628,000 and $ 1.72 million. Much of it is said to have been invested in companies that were hit hard by the falling market in the following weeks. This implied that the deal was done based on information Burr had received in the daily pandemic briefings.

Apple can decrypt an “iCloud” backup and provide the information to the authorities when ordered by a warrant because the company views data protection and security issues differently between physical devices that can be lost and “iCloud”. Apple must be able to access it with iCloud so that the data can be restored for the user.

‌ICloud‌ backups contain iMessages and texts, the purchase history of content, photos and videos, device settings, app data, voicemail password and integrity data. Backups do not contain information that can be easily downloaded, e.g. B. Emails from servers or apps. While iCloud backup includes the iIcloud keychain, Wi-Fi passwords, and passwords for third-party services, this information is encrypted in a way that makes it inaccessible to Apple.

More than two years ago, Apple reportedly informed the FBI that end-to-end encryption for “iCloud” backups was planned, but dropped the plan at some point after the FBI raised objections, though remains unclear whether the federal agency is a factor in the decision.

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