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The first James Bond No Time to Die trailer has a lot of great cars

The first trailer for No Time to Die has finally been released, and Daniel Craig's last appearance as James Bond looks pretty spectacular. The British spy is coming out of retirement to tackle a new threat, Rami Malek's terrorist Safin, as he faces old enemies like Christoph Waltz & Blofeld and new faces like Lashana Lynch's Nomi. The trailer shows explosions, interrogations, beautiful landscapes, a lot of good fashion and Bond jumping from a bridge.

But I'm not here to analyze the entire trailer (though I'm very good at it). I'm only here to talk about the cars we can see in it. And there are many really good ones.


This is how DB5s should be run. Of course, less the damage.


The trailer starts with Bond and dr. Madeleine Swann (Léa Seydoux), who drive through the southern Italian city of Matera in the classic Aston Martin DB5. Well, when I say driving, I mean that I have to drift around while being chased by a motorcycle and a pair of Jaguar XF sedans. The whole page of the DB5 is scratched, so there is definitely a lot to do – more on that later. After just getting his DB5 back in Specter after being torn to pieces in Skyfall, Q can not be too happy that Bond messes up his classic Aston. Once again.

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"Are you my Lyft driver?"

"Are you James?"

"Yes. "

" All right, get in. "

I imagine that's how it goes.


Next, we see a brief shot of Bond pulling off a leaf from a 1977 Aston Martin V8 Vantage, one of my personal favorites. But we will come back to that. Lynch's character Nomi appears alongside Bond in a brand new Aston Martin DBS Superleggera, one of two modern Astons featured in the film. Rumor has it she's a 00 agent who could replace Bond on MI6, so the DBS fits.

  screen-shot-2019-12-04-at-10-15-48-am .png

Back in London, Bond travels the classic Vantage, and we can see he has the same license plate as the identical Vantage used in 1987 in The Living Daylights, Timothy Dalton's first appearance as Bond. It does not look as though this new movie will feature the deployable skis, the wheels mounted lasers or the Vantage rocket boosters. But I give hope. And while it's probably unimportant to No Time to Die, there are some cool cars in the background, such as a two-door Land Rover Defender Van and the new London-based electric taxi.



In a touch of chase, we see a Range Rover Sport SVR dropping off a cliff while Bond chases. Wait, is this a 1990s Toyota Land Cruiser Prado? In beige? Yes, it is totally. In this scene he seems to be with Dr. Swann in the car and they are tracked by a helicopter, but we can not see much more from the trailer. It looks to me in Scotland, one of the places where the movie was filmed.


The last scene of the trailer is back in Matera with Bond in DB5, where it is provided with a T-Bon by a black Range Rover Classic with brush protection. Ouch. A whole bunch of bad guys then shoot machine guns at the DB5. As you may know, Bond's DB5 is bulletproof, because duh. Bond presses a button on the center console and activates a new device: Gatling cannons that protrude behind the headlights. Hell yes.

  screen-shot-2019-12-04-at-10-38-58-am.png "height =" 0 "width =" 1092 "data-original =" https://cnet1.cbsistatic.com/ img / PO4i_ld28n4DGjPr2-ftOJ1wf74 = / 1092x0 / 2019/12/04 / 3d6bf96a-a243-486d-84f5-42d4171c0e7e / screen-shot-2019-12-04-at-10-38-58-am.png "/> [19659030] screen-shot-2019-12-04-at-10-38-58-am.png

Damn it.


Bond presses the accelerator, turns the wheel and makes a sick donut while he ruins all the shit. Unfortunately, this includes my two favorite cars, which are in the trailer. It seems that the Evil fleet of old Range Rovers and new Jaguars also has a Maserati Quattroporte IV and a Lancia thesis. Great for bad guys in an Italian city. They are not very noticeable and certainly dark, but I still love them. A poor little Fiat 126 is also shot to hell, and an earlier moment shows some Fiat 124 police cars and a 1950's Cadillac.

Pew Pew Pew


There are some cars that we know are shown in the movie that were not shown in this trailer. The new Land Rover Defender can not be seen, but we know that alongside some of the other Jaguar Land Rover products it will be the star of a major chase in the film. (It was filmed in Scotland, so it's probably related to the Land Cruiser scene in the trailer.) Aston Martin's upcoming Valhalla super sports car is also not shown, but has been confirmed for an appearance in the movie, maybe even in a different chase sequence.

Under the direction of Cary Joji Fukunaga, No Time to Die opens in April 2020. By then there will certainly be at least one or two more trailers, hopefully with even more vehicle content.

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