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The "Forever Chemicals" you eat, a $ 200 espionage setup and more news

Chemicals in microwave popcorn are in your bloodstream. Researchers have discovered a way to spy on you for $ 200. Now you can create your own records. Here are the messages you need to know in two minutes at the most.

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PFAS, known as "forever chemicals," are contained in your popcorn and your blood.

Ever wondered why microwave popcorn is not spilling oil and the paper is not burning? It's the same thing that makes carpets stain-resistant: a group of 4,700 chemicals called PFAS. Virtually all Americans have detectable levels of PFAS in their blood, and have been linked to immune, thyroid, kidney, and reproductive problems. You can stay in your body for two to eight years, not to mention the lifetimes in the environment. And so you do not think you're safe because you're not eating popcorn, it's in all sorts of other things, like frozen pizza and burger to go. Another good reason to cook at home.

Planting tiny chips in hardware can only cost $ 200 The size of a grain of rice had been planted in their servers so that Chinese hackers could spy on them. Now researchers have shown how easy it really is. All it takes is a motivated hacker and $ 200 worth of equipment.

Fast Fact: 1
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So many electric cars California wants to have on the streets by 2025, given the current blackouts in the state, raises the question: could electric cars power homes? The short answer is at least for the time being no.

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You know it's hip to have a turntable, but do you know someone with a turntable? This here at Home Vinyl Lathe is the first consumer device capable of instant custom recording – it can convert any digital file into a 10-inch record. All you need is a cool $ 1,100 to buy.

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