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The Fortnite update offers some big surprises for Battle Royale players

The newest Fourteen days The update was released late last night and brought surprising and quite massive changes to the Battle Royale Island. The update is part of Chapter 2 of the game – Season 4 and the related Marvel superhero crossover – and as expected, the update brings big changes that affect the game’s newly arrived characters. Players lost a popular target, but it was worth the price considering what it replaced.

The popular POI “Frenzy Farms” in Fourteen days was replaced by Stark Industries, Tony Stark’s company, also known as Iron Man. This is a huge new POI that includes a wider New York upstate map that gives players new landscapes to explore and new buildings to raid. For very obvious reasons, Epic is calling this the “Stark Industries”

; update.

Stark Industries’ POI isn’t the only surprising addition to the game that also includes new mythical weapons for players to use. If you think lightsabers from the last great crossover are impressive, wait until you get to the receiving end of Thor’s Mjolnir, a mythical item that can blow up opponents with a huge wave of energy.

Fourteen days also received the repulsor found on Iron Man’s suit so whoever wields it can throw themselves in the air. Players can test their superhero skills in the newly added Marvel Knockout Mode, a twist on the previous Operation: Knockout game.

The update isn’t all fun, however – alongside Stark Industries and the new mythical weapons, there are enemy drones used by Galactus. These drones are designed to harvest prey, but they also become a weapon when the player defeats and deactivates them. Players who cannot quickly pick up a deactivated drone will instead be hit by an explosion.

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