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The founders of top VCs show how to build a successful SaaS company – TechCrunch

Build a great leadership team looking for repeatable use cases.

Last TechCrunch During a San Francisco Disruption, we hosted a panel on the Extra Crunch Stage on How to Build a Billions of Dollar SaaS Company. "A Better Title Is Probably" How To Build A Successful SaaS Company. "

We spoke with Whitney Bouck, COO at HelloSign, Jyoti Bansal, CEO and founder of Harness, and Neeraj Agrawal Partner with Battery Ventures to get an overview of how to go through the different stages to build this successful SaaS company.

We've done a great deal, including finding a suitable product market, earning early revenue, the Importance of building a team, what to do when growth slows, and finally how to resolve the tension between growth and profitability.

Finding products -market fit

Neeraj Agrawal : When we talk to the marketplace, we really look for a repeatable pattern of use cases, so when we talk to potential customers ̵

1; the words they use, the pain points they use – are they very similar from call to call? Once we recognize this pattern, we know that we have a product market adjustment, and then we can replicate it.

Jyoti Bansal : Revenue is a measure of product market adjustment. Do customers accept and use it and renew it? Until you get a first set of renewals and enhancements, as well as satisfied successful customers, you are not really geared to the product market. That's the only way to tell if the product really works or not.

Whitney Bouck : It's not just about revenue – the success factors in all phases have to change a bit. You need to look at usage, acceptance, value renewal, enlargement, and, of course, the resulting churn, to get good health indicators on how to adapt to the product market.

Generate Sales Early

Jyoti Bansal : As founders, we realized that the most difficult thing to do is get from idea to early sales. The first million revenue is about street fighting. Founders need to go there to gain business and do everything possible to earn revenue.

As your revenue increases, your focus changes as a business changes. Their goal is to find the right product market and do everything possible to win customers early. One million to 10 million dollars, you start to scale them. $ 10 million to $ 75 million is responsible for sales, execution and $ 75 million plus. History changes as you open up new markets and things like that. Whitney Bouck: You really need to get this survey off the market to really start the momentum and growth. The Freemium model is one of the ways we start motivating people – to make the product visible, to engage with the product, to make people think and openly discuss how this product can add value.

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