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The full Anatomy app uses LiDAR in iPad Pro to measure the range of motion after an injury

Complete Anatomy, an iPad app from 3D4Medical, was developed to teach medical students human anatomy with a virtually dissectable heart, real-time muscle movement mapping, nerve tracer, and microanatomy models.

In the future, Complete Anatomy will use the LiDAR scanner built into the iPad Pro 2020 to add a new feature that allows healthcare professionals to accurately and instantly assess the range of motion of patients recovering from an injury or surgery.

The feature is demonstrated in a YouTube video with Irene Walsh, the chief design officer at Complete Anatomy. According to Walsh, there is no standardized method for measuring the range of motion, a problem that was solved with the PiPad Pro‌'s LiDAR scanner.

With the new ‌iPad Pro‌ from 2020, Complete Anatomy can display motion in three dimensions using motion detection to identify what motion a person is doing. Movements are paired with 3D muscle animations that provide information about the primary muscles required to complete the action.

Walsh says that the upcoming version of Complete Anatomy on the ‌iPad‌ "has the potential to change the medical community of the future".

The LiDAR scanner feature will be available for the Complete Anatomy app in the near future, although no specific release date is specified. So far, only a few apps can use the LiDAR scanner, but previews like this give us an idea of ​​how powerful a tool will be if it is implemented by developers.

Rumor has it that iPhones will be released in 2020, and a similar LiDAR feature for 3D scanning will be included, with which Apple's iPhones and ‌iPad Pro‌ models can be used for enhanced and more exciting augmented reality functions.

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