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The Game Workers Unite organization calls for the release of the Activision CEO

One of the most visible groups of workers' rights for the video game industry launches a social media campaign to force Activision Blizzard to fire Chief Executive Officer Bobby Kotick. Game Workers Unite started the # FireBobbyKotick campaign on Twitter today after a massive layoff at the Call of Duty publishing house.

Activision reported record revenue for the financial year 2018 before revealing plans to reduce 800 jobs. The mismatch between the publisher's financial performance and the treatment of workers did not end there. Activision also increased the cash dividend by 9 percent. And he reiterated the plans for a share buyback program to pass on the assets to investors.

The publisher explained the dismissal as saying that he could earn more money and not expect to earn so much in 201

9. But Game Workers Unite does not believe these excuses are valid if Activision executives continue to spend millions of dollars.

"Increasing the lives of 800 workers while earning millions of rewards for you and your C-Suite friends is not a guide. it's a theft, "noted the Game Workers Organization in a tweet . "We, the employees of Activision and their friends, have had enough. Tell us it's time for #FireBobbyKotick.

I've contacted both Game Workers Unite and Activision Blizzard for more comments.

Why fire Bobby Kotick?

Kotick has been Chief Executive Officer since 1991, and many people consider him the epitome of the American video game manager. And in this role, organizations like Game Workers Unite see that he exploits the value of the workers for his own benefit.

"The 800 workers who helped with community management, marketing, esports, legalizing and more, are all far more valuable than the CEO," said Game Workers Unite. "When we make the decision to disable Activision, we choose ."

Even former Xbox boss Seamus Blackley has resisted the fair treatment of workers.

"Disappointing" Blackley wrote on Twitter about the dismissal of Activision. "I have a long history in which [Bobby Kotick] was fighting for developer rights [at various companies] and that's sad."

Game Workers Unite, however, understands that it does not stand against any company executives. It only believes that Kotick has crossed a line into immoral and unethical behavior. To emphasize this, it sustains the late Nintendo boss Satoru Iwata.

"Iwata, as CEO of Nintendo, cut his own salaries in times of need to ensure that no employees lose their jobs," Game Workers Unite wrote on Twitter . "Activision achieved record profits this year. You have no excuse.

Iwata, the popular creator of Mario Shigeru Miyamoto, and many Nintendo executives cut salaries in January 2014. In July 2015, Iwata died of illness. He could not witness Nintendo's switch-powered resurgence.

Kotick, however, seems to be in good health. And if his latest annual salary is an indication, he could earn around $ 30 million this year.

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