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The Google Home app shows the speaker “Nest Audio”

Google Home 2.28 has support for OnHub routers and allows better control of notifications. It also shows “Nest Audio” as a possible name for “Made by Google’s Next Speaker” and “Working on Home / Away Assistant Routines”.

About APK Insight: In this APK Insight post, we decompiled the latest version of an application that Google uploaded to the Play Store. When we decompile these files (called APKs in the case of Android apps) we can see different lines of code in this hint of possible future functionality. Be aware that Google may or may not never ship these features, and our interpretation of the features may be incomplete. We will try to enable those close to graduation to show you what they will look like when they ship. With that in mind, read on.

Nest Audio

An earlier version of the companion app revealed the existence of “device_ynb”

; and referred to it as “Nest Speaker”. This string in Google Home 2.28 has been updated to Nest Audio.

Given what was already confirmed about the design after a leak from the regulatory agency and the invitation to the event on September 30th, this largely corresponds to the name of Google’s “newest smart speaker”.

In front::

Nest speakers

After this::

Nest Audio

/ Away routines

As promised in July, Google is bringing the Home & Away feature of the Nest ecosystem to Assistant as “presence detection”. This allows you to create a “home routine” and an “out of office” routine to automatically adjust the temperature or turn the lights on and off when you arrive or depart.

”% 1 $ sYour phone will tell Google when it’s coming home and when it’s okay. This allows you to automate your devices and personalize your home experience, e.g. B. turning off lights when leaving. It also helps improve Nest services. N nYou control whether Nest can use your phone’s location and you can turn it off in the Home app’s settings. Nest keeps an updated history every time your phone comes or goes home. Go to your home’s history to review it or go to settings to clear your data. N nTo use this feature, you need to give the Home app constant access to your phone’s location. N n Do not use this feature if your home does not use it to automate devices. “

This “house occupancy” function uses the location of your telephone. Users must be given the required permission, while others can be invited to let their device use their device to see if someone is home.

Home routine

Way routine

It looks like users can also go to Home / Away manually via the Google Home app at the touch of a button without using the location.

“So that the app can automatically switch between home and away without opening the app, you have to change your settings.”

Porting Nest functions

The Google Home app continues to work to take over existing Nest functionality, including “User Roles” with “Access Levels”. This can mean that Nest Secure users no longer need the Nest app to manage the alarm system.

Access summary

That person will have access to the selected devices during the following schedule. Check and edit carefully before loading

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