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The HTC Vive Focus Plus gives you complete hands-on capture

The new accessory features a huge trackpad, two facial buttons, and two pressure-sensitive triggers. If you've already used the Vive or Sony PlayStation VR controllers in wand style, you'll feel right at home. During a 30-minute demo, I used the new hardware to do a basic procedure in a SimforHealth medical app. To be clear, this was not a classic video game like the hilarious Surgeon Simulator . The software is intended for nurses and other healthcare professionals who want to learn new techniques in a safe, guided room. This meant that I had to concentrate on periodical quizzes and answer them, which were surprisingly far beyond my comprehension.

The examiners worked for the most part perfectly. I carefully washed my hands, put on gloves and removed the (surprisingly calm and arduous) patient groups. Later, I prepared two syringes and administered some suitable doses. None of these actions would be possible with the original Vive Focus remote ̵

1; at least not with the same accuracy. However, the simulator occasionally missed and misread some of my keystrokes. However, I blame this for the software, not the underlying hardware, after SimforHealth admitted the app was still ported from the PC-controlled Vive. It was not perfect, but it showed the market that HTC is targeting: enterprise customers. Like Microsoft and the HoloLens 2 mixed-reality headset, the company believes that businesses – hospitals, schools, architecture firms, and the like – will benefit most from an all-in-one solution. For example, in a crowded classroom, it's easier to spend standalone headsets than to connect everyone to a high-performance gaming PC with external "lighthouse" sensors. However, this does not mean that the Vive Focus Plus as a consumer product can not succeed. It only needs more content – preferably exclusive – and a sticker price that is not astronomical.

HTC faces the first problem with a developer initiative called Vive Wave. The company calls it a "unified platform" for users who want to port their PC-based applications and support a wide range of mobile VR headsets. The second challenge – the price – could be more difficult. We do not know how much the Vive Focus Plus costs, but for reference, the original Vive Focus costs $ 599. I therefore seriously doubt that the headset will be cheaper than the Oculus Quest when launched in the second quarter of 2019.

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