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The huge redesign of Gmail is here

About a month ago, Google shared its vision for the future of Gmailwho showed an email experience with tabs for chat, meet, and rooms. The focus for this new bloated experience was on creating an all-in-one location that you could do all of your work without using as many external apps or leaving Gmail.

This new vision for Gmail has been introduced. Well, it̵

7;s going to be rolled out to G Suite customers first, and even there it’s pretty limited.

To sum up, on Android, Google is adding a new navigation bar at the bottom of Gmail that has tabs for Email, Chat, Rooms, and Meet. The Email tab is for Gmail (obviously), while Chat, Rooms, and Meet are part of Google Chat and Google Meet. For many, whether you’re G Suite or not, the Meetings tab is already there. They also incorporate all of this into Gmail on the web.

By selecting the Chat tab in the Android app, you can continue your Google Chat conversations without opening the Google Chat app. Same goes for Meet, where you can access a video call in Gmail. As for rooms, this is the group, topic, or project area that you would find in the chat. Only now is it also in Gmail.

To get this new experience as a G Suite user, your administrator will need to set up your G Suite organization as Chat Preferred. This will keep the regular Hangouts app from working with your G Suite account and force everyone in the organization to take over Google Chat (there’s a dark topic now!). However, this allows Gmail to adopt this new design.

According to Google, the rollout for the new experience will take about 15 days, assuming you’ve completed the aforementioned task.

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