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The importance of “hand hygiene for everyone” was highlighted under COVID-19, otherwise Technology News, Firstpost

Every year on October 1

5th, Global Handwashing Day is celebrated. The day is dedicated to raising awareness and understanding the importance of washing hands with soap as an effective and inexpensive way to prevent disease and save lives. With the upcoming COVID-19 pandemic, watching Global Handwashing Day has never been more important. According to globalhandwashing.org, the COVID-19 pandemic is a clear reminder that hand hygiene is one of the best ways to stop the virus from spreading.

This year’s theme, Hand hygiene for everyone, highlights the fact that hand washing with soap is a priority to fight the virus and get better health outcomes beyond the pandemic.

In one (n interact with CNNVincent Hill, director of the Department of Water-borne Disease Prevention at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said the COVID-19 pandemic is an important reminder that soap and water hand washing is one of the most important Easiest yet most effective ways is to stop the disease from spreading germs.

He added that hand washing with soap and water can prevent one in three people from getting diarrhea and one in five from having respiratory problems. According to Hill, hand washing is especially important after you go to the bathroom, when preparing food, before you eat, and when you cough, sneeze, or blow your nose.

The first Global hand washing day took place in 2008 when over 120 million children from around the world in more than 70 countries washed their hands with soap. Managers have been using the day since 2008 to raise awareness of hand washing and the construction of wash basins. Tippy taps and to demonstrate the value of having clean hands.

To commemorate Global Handwashing Day, the Permanent Missions of Finland and Great Britain to the United Nations are holding a virtual event in collaboration with UN-Water, the Global Handwashing Partnership, WHO and UNICEF. “Global Handwashing Day – Accelerating hand hygiene for everyone“” October 15th at 10:30 p.m. IST.

According to UNICEF, a person should really wash their hands.

First, a person needs to wet their hands with running water, and then apply soap to their hands. You must then scrub all surfaces of your hands for at least 20 seconds before rinsing them thoroughly under running water and drying your hands with a clean or disposable towel.

UNICEF also states that you should wash your hands at least 20-30 seconds. Additionally, as part of COVID-19 prevention, one should wash one’s hands multiple times, including blowing one’s nose, coughing or sneezing, visiting a public place, touching surfaces outside the home, including money, while caring for someone who is sick Person cares and before and after the meal.

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