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The international game book for the prevention of Russian interference

Meanwhile it is The Kremlin has interfered in so many elections around the world that the immune system of global democracy has become at least a little wise about its threats. Here are some lessons other countries can teach us in the age of Russian chaos.

If in doubt, do the same

In 2017, the Dutch TV broadcaster RTL examined the Dutch ballot counting software system and found that it was fraught with security flaws. “The average iPad is more secure than the Dutch voting system,” said a security researcher. In a dramatic move, just six weeks before a major election, the country decided to manually count all votes – a slower but far safer option.

Get physical authentication

In 2007, Estonia was an early victim of Russian cyber attacks. Even today, almost half of the country̵

7;s citizens vote online. Estonia has stopped the Kremlin from partially corrupting this digital democracy by giving each citizen a smart identity card that physically authenticates their identity for online banking, paying taxes and voting. Online voting remains science fiction in America. However, issuing Estonian-style authentication tokens – think YubiKeys – to American election officials and political campaigns could go a long way in protecting them from targeted hacker attacks.

Mud the water

In 2017, Russian spies hacked French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron’s campaign and leaked a treasure trove of their emails. The campaign immediately released a statement that there were fabricated documents among the real documents. As Macron employees later said The New York TimesThe campaign itself had created entire fake email accounts to confuse the hackers. Since the media didn’t know what to believe, they didn’t take the bait.

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