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The Internet Archive warns users who click on incorrect information about corona viruses

The Internet Archive warns users when they click on some stories that have been exposed or removed from the live web after it has been reported that people have spread incorrect coronavirus information through their wayback machine.

How NBC Reporter Brandy Zadrozny noted on Twitter that the website has a bright banner on a popular media post that was removed as misinformation. The video archive also creates friction by users logging in to view some videos with incorrect information, e.g. B. a newly released version of the conspiracy documentation Planemic. These videos also contain critical comments from Wayback Machine director Mark Graham, who described the warnings to Zadrozny as an example of the “importance and value of context in archiving”


A post removed from medium to make unsubstantiated statements about COVID-19 with a warning sign.

A post removed from media to make unsubstantiated claims about COVID-19 with a warning sign.

The internet archive offers an invaluable resource for understanding the internet. In 2017, the company partnered with First Draft News, which used the Wayback machine to review information online. And there was experimentation to comment on misinformation in his TV archive. In April, however, researcher Joan Donovan argued in the MIT Technology Review that the archive accidentally helped spread fake stories about the novel corona virus because users could find and share archived copies of pages (called “zombie content”) that were blocked or removed by social media platforms.

It is not clear how effective these warnings will be. Web platforms still measure when content warnings can help prevent false information and when they may trigger a backlash from users who don’t trust official sources. There are other web caching sites that allow users to keep and share deleted content. In the internet archive, fans of a video can leave glowing reviews that stand next to or above Graham’s fact check. However, the changes show that the Internet Archive officially recognizes coronavirus misinformation as a problem and looks for ways to mitigate it.

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