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The iOS 14 privacy and security features that you should know

This new iOS 14 feature gives your iPhone a different MAC address each time it connects, making it a lot more difficult for this type of tracking to work. It is enabled by default for every new network you connect to.

Learn when apps appear on your clipboard

If you see a message at the top of your iPhone screen about apps pasting other apps’ clipboard information, don’t panic: this is just the new clipboard notification feature in iOS that comes into action. As the beta program for iOS 14 showed, many more apps are monitoring the clipboard than you would actually think even before you’ve actually pasted anything.

Most apps seem to have cleaned up their approach to clipboard access so as not to be invoked. If you̵

7;re using iOS 14, the notification should only appear if you’re actually pasting something into an app. In this case, the app obviously needs access to the clipboard.

Limit how apps track you

Another change in iOS 14 is that apps must specifically request permission to track you across other apps and websites. However, following complaints from advertisers – in particular from Facebook, who said in August that the move would “severely affect” the lucrative audience network – this feature will not be fully implemented until next year.

Right now you can go too privacy then persecution from iOS the settings Menu, and you’ll find a toggle switch that lets you control whether apps can request permission to track you outside of the actual app itself. The main purpose of this type of tracking is to better target advertisements to you.

As the tracking screen in iOS itself notes, apps that you don’t give permission to may still try to track you according to their privacy policies. The more effective app-by-app controls should take effect next year.

Veterinarian apps for privacy information

One iOS 14 feature that Apple announced for iOS 14, but has not yet gone live, is app privacy cards. When the feature appears, these cards will give you more information about how apps use the data they collect.

It will likely take developers a little more time getting their apps in order – the feature isn’t visible at the time of writing – but if it does appear you should see a new one App data protection Click on the individual entries in the App Store.

Follow this link and you will be able to see what information you are passing on to a particular app and how that information is recorded and associated with existing profiles that are stored on your device or on the internet.

Receive privacy reports from Safari

Safari will inform you about the blocking of the cross-site tracker.

Screenshot: David Nield on Apple

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