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The iPhone 11 Pro collects location data, even if it does not, according to the researcher

Apparently, the iPhone 11 Pro is collecting your location data, even if that's not the case, as security researcher Brian Krebs found out. The curious piece? Apple insists it's a function, not an error.

" One of the strangest behaviors of Apple's new iPhone 11 Pro is that it queries the user's location information even during all applications and intermittently. System services on the phone are individually tailored to that data never be queried. Krebs writes in a blog post.

With Apple, you can easily turn off your mobile phone location services from Settings (Settings> Privacy> Location Services) and then turn off Location Services ). Of course, this is not always ideal, since virtually all apps are neutralized, whose functionality depends on the location data.

For this reason, Apple also allows you to individually block location services for each System Services app. Krebs points out, however: " There are some system services (and possibly on other iPhone 1

1 models ) that request location data and can not be disabled by users without fully locking the site services deactivate.

Krebs noted that even after turning off the location services for all apps individually (the main setting for location services was intentionally set to "On"), the location service indicator periodically indicated that Phone Still Accepts Location

It's worth noting that the problem only occurs if location services are disabled individually for each app rather than the main setting.

Krebs has since demonstrated the problem in a video posted on YouTube:

Other iPhone users have already reported that the same issue has occurred in iOS 13. However, Krebs stated that he could not reproduce it on an iPhone 8.

After An engineer told Krebs that the company saw "no real security implications." Instead, the engineer argued This is an expected behavior. "The icon is displayed for system services for which there is no switch in the settings," the technician pointed out.

It's still unclear which services the technician refers to, but we turned to Apple to clarify this update accordingly when we hear something.

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