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The iPhone 11 Pro has determined that it still looks for user location data despite the settings


The iPhone 11 Pro may continue to retrieve users' location data even if they have disabled the privilege.

Angela Lang / CNET

The iPhone 11 Pro apparently has a habit of behaving as its users have expressly forbidden. According to a report released on Tuesday by KrebsOnSecurity, Apple's flagship product, despite application and system service user settings, attempts to capture location information from users, indicating that data should not be requested.

Apple's iPhone location privacy policy The handset periodically sends the geotagged locations of Wi-Fi hotspots and cell towers (if supported by one device) to Apple in an anonymous and encrypted form to view this crowd sourcing database Wi-fi expand. Fi hotspot and mobile locations.

The policy explains how to disable location-based services, but security reporter Brian Krebs found that some system services for the iPhone 11 Pro – and possibly other iPhone 11 models – are not disabled by users, Without detracting from the location services, Krebs said his discovery suggests that a privacy gap exists in either the new iPhone Pro or iOS 13.x or both.

Apple has taken known measures to protect its privacy For example, in 2016, the FBI refused to change its software to access an iPhone 5C related to the San Bernardino terrorist attack, arguing that the change was a backdoor In the past year, features for the Safari browser were introduced, with which the tracking T ools can be disabled with which Facebook and Twitter can monitor users' browsing habits.

According to Krebs, the mobile sent a video to Apple in November to search for location information for apps, and system services were set to "never" request location information, but the main site data service was still active.

According to Apple's Privacy Policy, a small diagonal upward arrow appears to the left of the battery icon when users disable location services, but cancer shows video showing that the handset continues to request data, even if system services are disabled and the arrow icon continues to appear.

"We do not see any real security implications," wrote an Apple engineer in response to KrebsOnSecurity. "The Location Services icon is expected to appear in the status bar when location services are enabled, and the icon is displayed for system services that do not have a switch in their preferences."

Apple has not responded to a request for comment immediately.

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