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The latest Firefox update brings the picture-in-picture mode to Windows

We all do multitasks on our computers. Sometimes we have to watch a video while we work. This is pretty easy if you have a larger monitor or two (or three) monitors where you can just put the video on one side and everything else on the other. But what if you do not?

What if you run a smaller setup? This can be tricky, but if you really need to watch a video while doing something else, consider going to Mozilla's Firefox browser. This is because Mozilla introduces the picture-in-picture mode for video with the latest browser update.

According to Mozilla "We all have a lot to do and want to make the most of every minute. In today's Firefox release, Picture-in-Picture is deployed on all video sites. With Picture-in-Picture, a video can be displayed in a separate and small window, whether you are switching from tab to tab or outside the Firefox browser. "

The concept of picture-in-picture is not new and to some extent websites like YouTube already offer this feature, even though they are included on their own website and on the tab they are on are located. However, with the latest Firefox update, the video will remain tabs or applications even after switching. Currently the feature is only available for Firefox on Windows, but Mozilla will bring it to MacOS and Linux in January 2020.

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