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The leaked image is intended to take a first look at the design of the AirPods Studio ‘Sport’

A new leak on Twitter today claims to be our first look at Apple’s often rumored “AirPods Studio” over-ear headphones. The picture allegedly shows the “sports version” of Apple’s headphones with a kind of mesh design and comes from the @ choco_bit account.

Bloomberg reported that Apple is developing at least two versions of its over-ear headphones: a premium version with “leather-like fabrics” and a “fitness-oriented model that uses lighter, breathable materials with small perforations”. Today’s leaked image allegedly shows the “Sport” version of AirPods Studio.

The picture certainly goes well with how Bloomberg described the AirPods Studio. “Prototype headphones have a retro look with oval, rotating earcups and a headband connected by thin metal arms,”

; ​​the report said in April.

AirPods Studio is also reported to be modularly customizable. This allows users to customize their headphones by replacing the magnetic ear pads and removing the headbands. This could mean that the headband and ear pads in the picture above could be swapped out for leather materials for a different look.

9to5Mac has exclusively reported on some notable AirPods Studio features, including head and neck detection and custom equalizer settings. AirPods Studio plays or pauses content when placed on your head. Neck detection can be used to keep the headset on while the music is paused, just like when you just take one of the AirPods out of your ear.

9to5Mac also found evidence of AirPods Studio in the iOS 14 beta code, including assets that display at least two color options for the new accessory. The headphones are rumored to cost $ 349.

It’s still unclear when Apple AirPods Studio will release to the public, but a release before the end of the year is certainly possible. Stay up to date with the latest AirPods Studio details in our full guide here.

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