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The legends of other people than Zelda

Whose legend is this? The eponymous Alundra, an elf-like “dream walker” who has the ability to penetrate the sleeping thoughts of others ̵

1; which for some reason inevitably takes the form of dungeons filled to the brim Zelda-esque puzzles and bosses.

What is the legend about? After a sudden shipwreck, Alundra washes ashore in the village of Inoa, whose residents are – conveniently – plagued by an increasingly deadly series of nightmares that only its newest resident can unravel. In collaboration with the local scientist Septimus and his colleague Dreamwalker Meia, Alundra is studying both the village and the subconscious of its residents in order to get to the bottom of the plague.

How Zelda is it? ❤️❤️❤️

At least a bit. The top-down perspective is immediately apparent, as is the separation between exploring the world and the more complex dungeon delving. (Also block sliding, ice sliding puzzles and other supplies Zelda Tropics are wildly abundant.) But where Alundra It gets really interesting where it deviates from the Nintendo model by being well-written. Difficult issues abound, and instead of a series of static quest givers, Inoa’s residents evolve and change as the game progresses – not always for the better, as the rising number of deaths, despite Alundra’s efforts, leads to increasingly haunted outbursts of xenophobia and despair.

Hookshot y / n? No, but Alundra gets a wide variety of wands, boots, capes, and more to enhance his arsenal and movement skills. Fun Fact: Many of these new items were created by local blacksmith Jess after being inspired by the death of a villager! Alundrais exactly that kind of game.

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