The Mandalorian has been edited to look like a sitcom from the 1980s, and strangely perfect

The New Disney + Show The Mandaloria n was a great success for the new streaming service, even though judged only after the memes. There are countless variations of Baby Yoda drinking his bone stock Baby Yoda riding the Tesla Cybertruck and playing Baby Yoda with the radio .

But perhaps the best meme we've seen so far is a video that presents the science fiction adventure in a whole new context. In particular, we see what Mando and Baby Yoda might look like if they were in a 1980s sitcom. And it's surprisingly perfect.

British animator Garth Wood has edited the new Star Wars show to look like a retro TV sitcom. on Facebook. You will definitely want the sound for this one here.

The theme song used in this new Mandalorian mash-up The trailer is from the sitcom " My Two Dads ", which aired in 1987 for three seasons.

The parody of the 1980s makes you want more, but we have to l I live with only a short intro. That being said, would not be surprised if we saw a complete 30-minute rework of the show in the near future. There's so much fun stuff in this genre-bending show that borrows from mid-century Westerns, Japanese samurai epics and science fiction from the 1980s turns out to be) seems to be something to tremble in the collective imagination that stagnated in the Trump era. Our criminal president has robbed us of so much intellectual freedom to enjoy frivolous things since Trump commits crimes almost daily with impunity. H Obviously, the creativity sparked by these remixes is a small glimpse into the fun that's coming. Otherwise, the 2020s will be a shit for a decade.

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