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The merger of the Oculus Quest 2 Facebook account is turning some headsets into “paperweights”, say users concerned: • Eurogamer.net

News that Oculus is making Facebook accounts mandatory for all new VR headset users didn’t go down well even when it was announced in August, and on Sunday Oculus confirmed that the newly released Quest 2 would require a Facebook login to work. Well, since Quest 2 was released on October 13th, that response has worsened as several users have reported that their headsets are currently unusable due to problems with merging Facebook accounts.

The problems seem to mainly affect those who created a new Facebook account and then immediately merged it with their Oculus account … only to have Facebook blocked. When creating an account on Facebook, users are required to enter precise personal information and photo ID. Despite entering this information, several Oculus Quest 2 owners have found that their accounts were quickly disabled.

“I wasn̵

7;t a fan of creating a Facebook account after deleting my account five years ago, but for Quest 2’s sake, I decided to get back on track,” wrote thespieler11 on Reddit. “I entered all of my real information and immediately deactivated my account. Now I have a $ 300 paperweight until someone on Facebook decides the fate of VR for me.”

Another Oculus Quest 2 customer named Steve told Eurogamer that he has had similar problems.

“I created a brand new Facebook account (I’ve never used the site before and would never have created an account without being forced to) and used all the information I needed,” said Steve. “After setting up my quest and playing the demo intro app, I decided to link my Oculus account to my Facebook account so I could see if my previous purchases could be used for my quest.

“At the same time as I wasn’t using the quest, I logged in [the] Facebook website to block my profile as I didn’t intend to use the social media website more than necessary. Within minutes of merging accounts and changing profile settings, my account was suspended for no reason I can think of. “


Although the reason for the account’s suspension is unclear, customer reports on social media suggest that Facebook doesn’t like accounts with a lack of activity, or it could be an issue with Facebook’s partially automated, partially manual ID verification system (which, according to Facebook may be required) longer than normal due to staff shortage). Until the bug and the existing Facebook suspensions are resolved by Oculus customer support, affected users remain in limbo: They cannot use their Quest 2s or access their Oculus library, use any other Oculus device, or create a new Facebook account. already entered their unique personal information. The situation has led some to reimburse their Quest 2 headsets even though they are still locked out of their Oculus libraries.

Eurogamer contacted Oculus for a comment and received the following statement from a Facebook spokesperson:

“We only see a very small number of Oculus users encountering sign-in issues. In this case, our customer service team is available and working directly with them. Many of these people turn to Twitter and Reddit for advice, and ours Customer service team responded to you on these channels.

“Employees should contact Oculus Support if they have any problems. Our team is available 24/7: https://support.oculus.com/885981024820727/.”

Sure enough, it appears that Oculus contacted these reporting issues and some people resolved the issue, but many were unhappy and concerned about the situation.

“I’m thankful I’m back to normal, but I have to say this was a pretty shitty situation,” wrote Northband on Reddit after her account was restored. “Like others, I was quite frustrated with the lack of information. Even after the recovery, there was no information or updates.”

Others, like Steve, weren’t so lucky.

“The response from Oculus Support on this one has been pathetic,” he told Eurogamer. “It took them 24 hours to respond with a follow-up question about account names that I already gave them on the original ticket. Now they say they are checking it, but that was 12 hours ago and I’m not holding my breath like I was I heard they have no power over the Facebook account policy / ban.

“I still can’t use my Quest 2, which will be back to John Lewis soon.”

Since the problems with the Facebook account only affect those who have recently signed up, the number of people who experience this problem is likely to be quite small. The aftermath are pretty dire, however, and must be extremely disappointing for those looking to take advantage of their brand new quest 2 out of the box. That means without having to chat with customer support for several days.

Bricking issues aside, requesting a Facebook account seems to cause confusion and problems for a number of customers: while setting up their Quest 2s, a number of people accidentally merged their Oculus accounts with a family member’s Facebook, Oculus FAQs say, “May cannot be undone “. Those who accidentally linked accounts will now need to use that Facebook account on all of their Oculus devices. Until Oculus introduces a system that allows multiple users to log into one device, they’ll stay with the accidentally merged account. In addition, people who have already had Facebook account lockouts have been caught by the mandatory Facebook login, and those who deleted their old Facebook accounts have reported reactivation issues (with a user being asked to log in 51 years ago to check you were born).

The Facebook integration was a mistake. My Oculus profile has been hijacked. by r / OculusQuest

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It’s been six years since Facebook bought Oculus for $ 2 billion, and the recent moves toward integrating Facebook accounts were recognized by Oculus as a way for people to “make and connect with friends,” while they still have a separate VR profile “.

“We know that Social VR has so much more to offer, and this change will make it possible to incorporate many Facebook-powered social features like Horizon,” said the recently published blog post. “Using a VR profile backed by a Facebook account and an authentic identity helps us protect our community and enables us to offer additional integrity tools.”

Given that the Quest 2 Facebook login requirement has already caused a number of problems for customers, I think it can also get a little tricky if support for Oculus accounts for all users ends on January 1st, 2023. At least Oculus has more than two years to prepare for it.

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